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USACA National Under-19 Tournament Kicks Off

By John L. Aaron
May 22nd, 2009
On a bright and sunny day meant for great cricket, the United States of America Cricket Association today kicked of its national Under-19 tournament in New York City.

Some of the participants at the opening ceremony.

Hosted by the New York Cricket Region, the tournament involves teams from the seven regions of the USA cricketing community. In a brief opening ceremony at Gateway Park in Brooklyn this morning, the regional teams were introduced to Brooklyn's Commissioner of Parks and Recreation Julius Spiegel, as no fewer than eight members of the USACA board looked on approvingly. The youngsters were decked out in very colorful uniforms while singing the nation's national anthem, before the business of cricket got underway with the New York region facing off against the Northeast Region.

Commissioner Spiegel welcomed the youngsters to Brooklyn, New York and pointed out that the New City Parks and Recreation Department was now completing an even more spacious cricket field at Canarsie Park in Brooklyn, and promised to do the best to ensure that cricket - the fastest growing sport in the metropolitan area receives the support of the city's Parks Department.

Shortly after the opening ceremonies, the New York region led by the talented Gregory Sewdial won the toss and elected to take first strike. The matches are being played at Gateway and 88th and 108th Streets in Canarsie, Brooklyn. The tournament will span the Memorial Day weekend culminating in the championship match on Monday at Gateway Park in Brooklyn.

The Under-19 youngsters are all vying for spots on the USA team hoping for a shot at the Under-19 Youth Cricket World Cup in Kenya in February 2010.

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