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NY’s Mas Bailey And Nabbie Baksh Inducted Into Hall Of Fame
By John L. Aaron

Sept. 22nd, 2008

Mascelles Bailey
Cricketer, Organizer, Administrator

Metropolitan Cricket League President Mascelles Bailey and New York Cricket Umpire Mohamed Nabbie Baksh were inducted into the prestigious Hartford, Connecticut Cricket Hall of Fame last Saturday evening. They were joined by two of the West Indies’ greatest opening batsmen Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes, as well as Florida cricket organizer Jeff Miller, all of whom were in attendance at the lavish induction ceremony held at the Downtown Hartford Marriott hotel.

Mascelles Bailey is all smiles having received a Proclamation from Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez.

Umpire Baksh receives a Proclamation from Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, as fellow inductees Desmond Haynes, Mascelles Bailey Jeff Miller and Gordon Greenidge look on approvingly.

Mascelles Bailey smiles broadly, following being fitted with his Hall of Fame ring by his wife.

Umpire Baksh beams as he is fitted with his Hall of Fame ring by his wife. (Photos by John Aaron)

Mascelles Bailey has played cricket in the Metropolitan Cricket league for more than a quarter century, as well as serving the league in several capacities, including two stints as its President. He currently sits on the administrative board of the New York Cricket Region, in his capacity as President of Metropolitan Cricket League.

A former civil servant in his native Jamaica, Mascelles Bailey migrated to the United States of America in 1968 and soon found himself im mersed in the banking industry at Chemical Bank, where his love of cricket soon began to play an important part of his everyday life as a banker, and his interaction with banking colleagues, he was soon after instrumental in forming the Bankers Athletic Cricket League.

Founded in 1971, the Bankers Athletic Cricket League featured several first-class players associated with the banking industry in New York City. Bailey was a member of the All-Star team on several occasions, serving as a useful off-break bowler. A vibrant cricket administrator and enthusiast, he is also responsible for forming the Lucas Sports Club in 1977, now also a home facility to the Metropolitan Cricket League, the United States of America Cricket Umpire's Association, and the Jamaica Civic Association of New York.

Mascelles Bailey’s contribution to the promotion, development and administration of cricket in the New York metropolitan area, was in a large part responsible for his induction into the Hall of Fame, in addition to his involvement in the local Jamaica Civic Association. His passion for the sport of cricket is demonstrated by his willingness to be a bridge-builder, while supporting “the cause” through his own funding.

In his acceptance speech, Bailey, who was introduced by Roy Sweeney, President of the USA Cricket Promoters Association, thanked the Hall of Fame for the prestigious honor bestowed, while remarking on the camaraderie t hat cricket fosters among players and non-players alike. He urged all to become more active in promoting the sport, while maintaining a true sense of brotherly love and working together to foster a better cricketing community.

Mohamed Baksh
Cricketer, Umpire, Educator

Accompanying Mascelles Bailey into the 27-year old Cricket Hall of Fame was the well-known and respected Guyana and international cricket Umpire Mohammed Nabbie Baksh. Baksh was introduced by United States of America Cricket Umpires Association (USACUA) President Alfred James, who in a lengthy introduction lauded the many accomplishments of umpire Baksh, both as an Umpire and as the USACUA person responsible for training new Umpires since the inception of the association in 1992. James himself a protégé of Baksh, noted that Baksh’s success as a trainer caught the eye and praise of the West Indies Cricket Umpires Association.

A former teacher and education administrator with the Ministry of Education in Guyana, Umpire Baksh was an avid cricketer, before dedicating his energies to the fine art of judicious umpiring and training those aspiring to becoming excellent umpires. His training expertise and knowledge of the game has earned him the respect of his peers, as well as that of the players on the field.

Described in some quarters as a very vocal and strong-willed individual, Umpire Baksh does not simply accept the status quo, and has often challenged the prudence of the Laws of Cricket, while advocating for many fundamental changes to the said laws.

In accepting his induction into the Connecticut based Hall of Fame, Umpire Baksh shared some anecdotes from his playing and umpiring experiences, much to the delight of those in attendance. Baksh looking resplendent in his white USACUA dinner jacket, was well-supported by several of his umpiring colleagues, similarly dressed.

The two New York inductees were presented with induction rings, as well as proclamations from the State of Connecticut and the City of Hartford. Umpire Baksh and Mascelles Bailey follows closely in the footsteps of their New York colleagues, Umpire Hammy Reid and cricket administrator Kuldeap Krish Prasad respectively, both of whom were inducted last year into the Cricket Hall of Fame.

A large contingent of New Yorkers traveled to Connecticut to attend the induction ceremony and dinner, and to support the induction of Bailey and Baksh.
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