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ICC Annual Conference – Dubai, UAE
A Balance Has To Be Made…Rahul Dravid

By John L. Aaron in Dubai, UAE
Dubai: Friday, July 4, 2008 – Former India Test captain and only the third Indian batsman to have scored 10,000 runs in Test cricket, speaking at the Members Forum during the International Cricket Council’s Annual Conference now being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, said there has to be a balance made between the volume of cricket being played in the current three formats (Test, ODI and Twenty20), in the interest of sustainability of the top players. The very articulate and prolific batsman resigned as India’s captain last September.

John Aaron (left) poses with Indian batting star Rahul Dravid during the ICC Conference in Dubai, UAE

His remarks were made in response to ICC’s Media Manager Brian Murgatroyd question of how does he (Dravid) balance cricket and his personal life. The 35 year-old cricket star said that there are only 365 days in a year and managing one’s performance is paramount to maintaining the quality output at the international levels.

The right-handed batsman nicknamed The Wall (presumably by opposing bowlers) for his defiant presence at the crease currently plays in all three formats of the game and is considered one of the premier cricketers around the world. He has over 10,000 runs in both Test and ODI matches and has played on several teams outside of his native India, where he is revered on the same platform as Sachin Tendulkar and former India great Sunil Gavaskar. Dravid has played in Scotland, Kent and the ICC World XI and recently was the icon player and captain of the Bangalore Royal Challengers in the Indian Cricket League.

The very affable batsman sees a World Test Championship as a favorable concept that if promoted will see the top two or three teams playing for something greater than what is derived under the current nation versus nation Test series. He added that if would make every game more meaningful.

On the recently concluded IPL Twenty20 tournament, the Bollywood-looking cricketer said that it was a phenomenal six weeks, adding that the quality of the cricket was beautiful and exciting. “It was particularly exciting for me to share a dressing room with players from other countries and cultures,” adding that it broke down several barriers. He however hastened to add that he still enjoys the longer version of the game and enjoys playing Test cricket, which he hopes will never fade away.

Next year Sri Lanka and India will be the first two Test-playing nations to embrace an expanded role of technology in the decision-making process of the game, and Rahul Dravid said that he was quite excited by the prospects and was looking forward to it easing tensions in the game. He added that he endorses whatever helps to advance the quality of the game, and with a playful tone added “Now we will know how many times the umpires get it right or wrong. It’s worth a try.”

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