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Combined XI Needs Stay Of Execution

By John L. Aaron

July 25th, 2008
Guilty as charged of losing its first two matches, the NYCR’s Combined XI team in the 2008 Ed Ahmad Cup Twenty20 tournament is set to fight off being executed from the premier competition’s top-rankings today at 88th Street in Canarsie.

Having lost to the robust Guyana team and then an enhanced Trinidad & Tobago XI, the All-Stars team needs to win against Barbados today, if they are to remain competitive in the only tournament sponsored this year by Queens real estate magnate Ed Ahmad. The Combined XI has so far sported several players with individual first-class experience, but striking as a=2 0cohesive unit has been very elusive to the team led by the veteran player and former US captain Zamin Amin.

As the management team struggles to put together the “right” combination of players, it has become a juggling act from the onset of the tournament. This weekend’s line up will see some new faces to the team, due to the unavailability of some of the previous players who wore the light blue and yellow colors of the Combined XI squad.

Today’s XI will be selected from the following players – Zamin Amin (Capt.), Marlon Kallicharran, Ryan Ramdass, Theron Blair, Curtis Baptiste, Nadeem Younis, L. Dumas, Amjad Khan, Hunan Munir, Mikhail Miller, Cornelius Alexander, Sean Stanislaus and Sohail Ackram.

The team’s coach is Sew Shivnarain with Peter Jolly as manager. Match time is 3:00pm at Seaview/ 88th Street in Canarsie, Brooklyn.
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