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By John L. Aaron

The United States of America Cricket Umpires Association, or at least those members centered in the New York metropolitan area have taken the initiative to organize a meeting of cricket stake-holders in the region, in an effort to discuss various issues aimed at streamlining the region’s cricket operations for 2008.

The association has extended an invitation to all league presidents, tournament organizers and USACA Regional Directors to attend the joint meting on Sunday, January 27 at Lucas Sports Club located at 1012 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn.

The meeting is scheduled for 3:00pm and will cover issues and concerns that affect the smooth running of tournaments in the very congested cricketing community in the New York region. On the agenda no doubt will be the issue of scheduling tournaments around the various league programs, the Ed Ahmad Cup, New York Cricket Region’s Inter-league tournament and other cricket activities that seek to utilize the same resources and facilities during the brief cricket window in the year.

Among those invited to attend the meeting are P. DaSilva, Pres. NNCL, J. Aaron, Pres. EACA, W. King, VP, ACL, L. Lowe, Pres. CCL, P. Sutherland, Secty, BCL, M. Bailey, Pres. MNYCL, M. Lewis, Pres. NYCL, Regional Director, NYCR, C. Miller, Regional Director NYCR, C. Patrick, VP MNYCA , K. Prasad, Chairman, Ed Ahmad Cup, C. Hinds, Exec. Dir. NY Youths, R. Persaud, Coordinator Mayor's Cup, M. Hussain, 20/20 Sponsor, L. Fraser, Youth Coach, S. Kalloo, USACUA Coordinator, BCL, NYNCL, EACA, L. Champagnie, USACUA Coordinator, NCL, E. Gardner, USACUA Coordinator, MNYCA and V. Nesfield, USACUA Coordinator, ACL

According to Fitzroy Hayles, USACUA’s Vice President, the meeting is considered very important in the drafting of a common cricket agenda, to avoid overlapping and stretching of the region’s limited resources. He is also encouraging all invitees to contact him with any agenda items, as soon as possible, and to indicate their attendance at the meeting.
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