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Cancer – The Deadly Disease Strikes Close
Imran Ali Needs Your Help

By John L. Aaron

Jan. 24, 2008
Everyone knows someone who has fallen victim to the deadly scourge called cancer. In some cases that someone is as close as a mother, a father, a brother, a sister or another relative, and it hurts to not only see the victim suffering, but also to feel totally helpless in the situation.

For the most part such pain and suffering is absorbed by a small close-knit group of family and friends, who rally around the victim offering support, or in worse case scenarios – condolences. However, sometimes that pain and suffering reverberates beyond that small circle, like the ripples resulting from throwing a pebble into a lake and watching the circles extend outward. With each added circle the cause of the ripple begins to touch a wider group of friends and extended family.

Such is the case with the discovery of a type of cancer called sarcoma that has invaded the body of Imran Ali – a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a cricketer and a friend to many.

Imran the cricketer, and member of Unified Ambassadors Cricket Club of the Eastern American Cricket Association, is no doubt devastated by the invading alien who seeks to snatch the very breath he uses to laugh, smile, stroke a ball through the covers, yell a word or two of encouragement to his teammates, or simply say thank you, for a good deed done on his behalf.

The Eastern American Cricket Association (EACA), friends and family of Imran Ali are urging him to not give up on them. Therefore, we should not give up on him, in his time of dire need. The 33 year-old husband of Neisha and father of an 8 year-old son Wasim, still clings to faith, hope and charity for survival. However, in today’s health care quagmire, those three words do not make the cash register sound, familiar to the large medical institutions with the know-how, equipment and drugs to reverse the devastating news that cancer spreads.

In an effort to do its part and contribute to the “faith, hope and charity” benefit fund pot for Imran, the EACA has established a bank account under the name of EACA-Imran Ali Benefit Fund at the North Fork Bank branch located at Lefferts and Liberty Avenues in Richmond Hill, with the Account Number 8864-02297-8. Contributors may make a deposit at any branch of North Fork Bank, or simply write a check to EACA-Imran Ali Benefit Fund and mail same to Sunesh Wazid, Secretary, EACA, 88-30 182nd Street, 5F, Hollis, NY 11423.

In addition, the EACA and friends of Imran have planned a Health Benefit Get Together next Friday at Naresa Palace, 116-14 Rockaway Boulevard, South Ozone, Queens. The event gets underway at 8:00 pm with a suggested donation of $25. this includes dinner. Call Rudy Persaud at (917) 682-6142 for tickets and more information.

I am asking everyone in the cricket community to come out and support this effort, in our attempt to save this cricketer’s life. Let’s give him a chance to live, by helping to raise the much needed funds for his medical treatment.

Remember, cancer does not discriminate, he could easily have been your brother, brother-in-law, friend or fellow cricketer.
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