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45/45 Youth Competition Enters Final Round

The New York Tri-State/New York Region Youth 45-Overs tournament enters its seventh and final round this Saturday, August 9, 2008.

Tri-State Youth XI will travel to Connecticut to meet their counterpart in a must win game. The unbeaten Connecticut team sits at the top of the standings with 17 points from four wins and a rained-out game. Tri-State Youths, the defending champions with 13 points, have squandered a few games and will have their backs against the wall in a must-win encounter, if they are to make the play-offs.

At Foch Boulevard in Queens, New York, two disappointing teams - Team Pakistan and Nassau Youths, both with 1-6 records, will play for last place.

Under the bridge at Whitestone Park on the Bronx side of the river, Cosmos Youths with 12 points will meet the New York Warriors also on 12 points, while Commonwealth with 12 points, will come up against Eastern American on 13 points, also at Whitestone Park in the Bronx.

The following are the play-off drawings:

(1) New York Tri-State Championship 45/45 – First Place versus Second Place
(2) New York Region Championship 45/45 – Top four teams will play semi-finals then finals.
(3) New York Region Championship 20/20 – First Place versus Second Place

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