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NYPD Applauds Young Cricketers
Commissioner Ray Kelly Advocates Community Partnership

By John L. Aaron
August 29th, 2008
Using a pre- Ramadan community briefing and press conference, as the backdrop, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly applauded his Community Affairs officers for a successful NYPD Cricket program, which concluded with a very colorful final two weeks ago at Gateway Cricket Ground.

Comos Kings coach Ricky Kissoon collects the NYPD 20/Twenty Championship trophy from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. (Photo by John Aaron)

Held at One Police Plaza last Tuesday morning, the event was billed as The 2008 Pre-Ramadan Conference, with the motto: “Improving Community Relations Through Positive Interaction,” and attracted several Muslim leaders and the 75 members of the newly formed NYPD Fraternal Order of Muslim Officers. However, Commissioner Kelly in acknowledging that the conference was held to familiarize the community on police matters and crime watch during the holy month of Ramadan stated that the NYPD was becoming more involved in community activities involving all ethnic groups in the City. He cited the recently successful NYPD United Soccer and Cricket programs run through the NYPD’s Community Affairs department.

The winning sports teams were presented to the Commissioner, who in turn officially presented them with their championship trophies.

Accepting on behalf of the Cosmos Kings Youth XI was the team’s heroic batsman Rasheem James. The 17-year old towered over Commissioner Kelly with a thousand watt smile, and surrounded by his team mates. The dapper dressed Commissioner encouraged the soccer and cricket youths to consider careers in law enforcement, stating that service to the community through the NYPD was need by all ethnic groups.

The Commissioner noted that the NYPD is cognizant of the diversity of the city’s population of some eight million people and applauded the formation of the department’s first Fraternal Order of Muslim Officers, noting that the recent graduating class of Police officers included recruits from several countries such as Bangladesh and Guyana, among others. He reported that the NYPD had recently signed a memorandum of understanding with its counterpart in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for intelligence exchange, as well as joint training and operations initiatives.

Commissioner Kelly noted that crime was down 30% in New York City compared to seven years ago, while wishing everyone a safe and blessed Ramadan.

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