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EACA/Imran Ali Memorial Fund
Funds Turned Over To Family

By John L. Aaron

August 25th, 2008
Society often begs the question, “Are we our brother’s keeper?” And so often, the answer is a resounding NO! However, within the common shared circles of cricket, one deceased young man would have found solace in knowing that his cricketing brothers and many others really cared.

Accepting the check on behalf of Neisha Ali was Imran’s brother Mansoor from EACA president Rudy Persaud.

Imran Ali and son Wassim.

Imran Ali, a son, brother, a husband, a friend, and a cricketer died this past June, after a fearless battle with the dreaded disease cancer. As a cricketer Imran played in the Eastern American Cricket Association (EACA) league, and thus the EACA started a benefit fund for Imran Ali earlier this year. The fund raised well over twelve thousand dollars, in a matter of weeks.

Contributors to the fund included fellow cricketers, businesses, a Mandir, Imran’s former employer Ginger and many others who gave whatever they could afford. Unfortunately, Imran lost his battle and the funds were turned over to his family at a simple ceremony last Wednesday evening at Naresa Palace.

Imran left to mourn his wife Neisha, his son Wassim, his mother and siblings. Imran’s tearful mother sat impassionedly, as current EACA President Rudy Persaud and former EACA President John Aaron, again offered their condolences to the family, including a very reserved and shy Neisha Ali, who chose to remain in the background, but asked that the EACA thank all of the people who contributed to the fund. “I wish to thank everyone, who contributed even as little as a penny,” said the young widow. As she fought back tears, it was obvious that the pain of separation was still evident. The couple’s son Wassim, now eight years old was not present, but clearly the family support to raise the young fatherless boy is there.

According to the EACA President Rudy Persaud, “In bringing the fund to a close, the EACA wishes to thank all of the contributors, Imran’s friends, members of Imran’s Temple, Naresa Palace, the venue where the fund was launched at a benefit dinner earlier this year, and others for contributing so generously to the fund, in such a short time, since its establishment.”

Imran’s widow had pledged to use some of the money to start an educational fund for their son Wassim, however, the financial burden of treatment during Imran’s battle with cancer and subsequent bills, seriously threaten such an initiative.
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