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EACA Elects New President

April 30th, 2008
On the eve of the 2008 cricket season, the Eastern American Cricket Association (EACA) has elected Rudy Persaud as its new President; replacing John Aaron recently elected Secretary of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA). Earlier this year, Aaron was re-elected as the EACA’s 2008 President, having served as President in 2007 and in various other positions on the EACA Executive Committee, prior to becoming its President.

Rudy Persaud

John Aaron was recently elected Regional Director of New York, and thus, had to give up that position and President of the EACA, because USACA’s recently ratified constitution, prohibits anyone from serving as League President and/or Regional Director, while a member of the USACA Executive Board.

Rudy Persaud previously served as Treasurer and Vice President of the EACA. With his elevation to the position of President of the EACA, the vice presidential position was filled by Steve Mangru, who has served in the past as Secretary of the association, under the presidency of Zaman Juman.

The now constituted EACA Executive Committee consists of Rudy Persaud, President, Steve Mangru, Vice President, Sunesh Wazid, Secretary, Sase Singh, Treasurer and Zaman Juman, Asst., Secty, Treas.

The 2008 EACA season kicks off next Sunday, May 11th, with a twelve-team roster in its introductory 40-overs tournament, following which, the teams will be split into Divisions I and II and compete in a Twenty/20 knock-out tournament. However, the EACA retains its Big-4 championship play-off format between the two tournaments. This year’s team roster includes a new team fully funded by the national accounting firm of Ernst & Young.

Today, the EACA will compete in the New York City Mayor’s Cup, having led the Borough of Queens to winning the inaugural championship last year. In addition, the EACA will enter a youth team and compete in this year’s Tri-State Under-19 tournament being run within the New York Cricket Region.

Last year, the EACA was crowned New York Inter-League champions under the captaincy of Guyana and now USA national player Lennox Cush.

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