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Azurdeen Mohammed is one of the few natural youth cricketers in New York City. Photos by Shiek Mohamed
Meet Azurdeen Mohammed

What does playing for the USA mean to you?
Playing for the USA is a dream come through for me.

Is the game on the right course, according to you?
Yes, the game is on the right course because now more Americans are learning about the sport and the 20/20 version has a lot to do with it.

Which international cricketer do you admire most?
I admire Christopher Gayle the most, because of his calm demeanor.

What are the USA's chances in the Americas Cup? Who are favorites?
I personally think the USA has the best team in the Americas Cup this year, but because of past years Canada and Bermuda are the favorites.

Do you speak to former players or coaches when going through bad phases?

Yes, I do ask for a lot of advice especially when I’m going through a bad slump.

Who are the toughest bowlers you have faced?

So far only one, a young leg-spinner from Florida's Under-19 squad.

What's your preparation like, before a game?

I try not to think about the game too much I just go out and play naturally.

What are your academic plans for the future?
I’m a current college student studying criminal justice.

Azrudeen Mohammed credit his family support for his success.

What has been your proudest moment in your career so far?
When I got selected to represent the United States at cricket.

What is the toughest thing about being an all-rounder?
Being an all-rounder is all positive because if I fail in one part of the game I still have another part to work hard on.

Would you describe yourself as self-driven?

Yes, I’m very self-driven and I enjoy pushing myself to do better than good, every time.

How would you rate the recently held National Under-19 Tournament in New York?

The tournament was much more competitive than in previous years.

How much do you think about the game when you are not playing?
Almost everyday when I’m not playing I try to think about my mistakes and try my best to correct them.

Who's the most famous person in your phonebook?

There are no famous persons in my phone book.

In terms of cricket ability, where does the USA stand now?
USA has a lot of talented cricketers and could go very far in world cricket.

Did anyone help you in your cricket progress?
Yes, mostly my uncle Ajaz Asgarally, a former Guyana youth player. The rest of my family also always pushes and helps me.

What drives you to go on?

My love for the game of cricket.

Who are your emotional supporters?

My mom Fazila, my sister Sadia, aunts (especially "Aunty Seema") and my uncles.

How long do you see yourself playing cricket?

Do you think you are at the peak of your youth cricket career?
I have only one year left at the Under-19 level; therefore, I think I’m reaching my youth cricket peak right now.

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