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Meet Regis Burton

What does playing for the USA mean to you?

Playing for USA means accomplishing a goal aimed to achieve. Living in Antigua where I played all my cricket, my main goal was to come to the United States and one day represents this nation. Having done this means that I can achieve what ever I set my mind towards.

Is the game on the right course, according to you?
In my eyes, cricket is indeed on the right track. My expectation of US cricket was at a minimum but experiencing it for I made me realizes that it is truly going places.

Which international cricketer do you admire most?
At the international cricket level, I admire South Africa’s AB de Villiers the most as he is a complete all-rounder who bowls, bats and wicket keeps as well. His agility in the field along with his outstanding sportsmanship are just a few of the many reasons why I admire AB de Villiers.

Regis Burton bowls during one of New York Under-19 trial games before USACA National Under-19 Tournament. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

What are the USA's chances in the Americas Cup? Who are favorites?
As a player of the Untied States I strongly believe our chances in the Americas Cup are good as we are taking the fourteen best players in the US to compete. I am not fully aware of what the other nations are coming with but I do believe that the United States would make everyone proud.

Do you speak to former players or coaches when going through bad phases?
Throughout my cricketing career, the basics of cricket is what I have based it on and in order for me to get such things correct I seek advice from my grass root coach, former Leeward Island Captain, Hayden Walsh Sr. and also from West Indies fast bowler Adam Sanford.

Who are the toughest bowlers you have faced?
Having to opportunity to play some cricket in the United Kingdom, I had the chance to come up against many swing bowlers. That experience was a learning experience and something that I would never forget. In addition, facing West Indies fast bowler Adam Sanford was a great experience of mine.

What's your preparation like, before a game?
A game for me starts the night before. I set my goals for that game and get a good night rest. In the morning I would take 15-30 mins of shadow batting before I leave for the game. A gentle warm up and a prayer gets me ready to go out and fight this war.

What are your academic plans for the future?
Along side cricket, my academics is my main focus. I have gained acceptance into Suny College Of Old Westbury, where I would aim to receive my Bachelors in Management Information System, while having a minor in Business Management.

What has been your proudest moment in your career so far?
Winning man of the match, scoring a century, winning a championship are all great achievements in cricket but to me, when you care called upon to represent your nation means a lot more. Being apart of the United States of America under-19 cricket team has indeed been my proudest moment mainly because I learnt about my selection while celebrating a family reunion where I had all my family to share the good new with.

What is the toughest thing about being an allrounder?
The toughest thing about being an all-rounder is giving 100% in every aspect of your game. As an all-rounder, your job is to be able to complete both your task at the best of your ability. When ever one seems to be falling, you tend to spend more time working to perfect it but at the same time the other is falling. When you are able to balance both is when you can be truly call an all-rounder.

Would you describe yourself as self-driven?
I can truly agree that I am indeed self driven. As a child I was never forced by my father, who played for his native land, to play cricket. The desire came from deep down within and has never left me yet. I started playing cricket at the age of 12, late compared to my peers, but with self determination and hard work got to where I am.

How much do you think about the game when you are not playing?
To me, I play the game for cricket both on and off the field. At times when am not playing I am focusing on different field settings, scenarios and my past mistakes as I aim to work them out mentally then physically.

Did anyone help you in your cricket progress?
I indeed got help in my cricketing progress. First I’ll have to say from my parents, Ehret and Francine Burton, along with my brother Ragi who has all supported me through my career thus far. Also, my coaches in Antigua, Hayden Walsh Sr. and Pernell Watley. Furthermore I have gotten lots of support in New York by, Ricky Kissoon and Ravi Etwaroo from Cricket Zone.

Do you think you are at the peak of your youth cricket career?
I would truly agree that I am at the peak of my youth cricketing career thus far and I hope to further my career onto the senior level.

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