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Interview with Ryan Corns...

What are you looking forward to most in this tournament?
The thing i am looking forward to most is getting the opportunity to play against the best youth players in the world

Ryan Corns during the ICC Under-19 tournament in Canada, earlier this year. (Photo by Shiek Mohamed)

Tell us about the first time you put on a USA cap?
I made my debut against Bahamas u/19 and it was a very proud and honorable moment to wear the Blue, Red & White

Have you met any of your cricket heroes?
I had the opportunity of practicing with the South African T20 side where I met most of my cricketing heroes when I was growing up.

Where do you see USA finishing in the ICC Under-19 Tournament?
I believe that USA will be the underdogs, and i believe that we will finish strong and make our Country proud

Do you have any particular goals you want to achieve in your career?
A personal goal that i have is to score a century, and a team goal is to do our utmost and give it our all on the field to come out on top and win our games.

Who have been the biggest influences on you as a player?
My biggest influence would have to be my father as he was the person who introduced me to this wonderful game.

Who is your idol growing up?
My idol growing up was Jonty Rhodes

Do you have a curfew?
No I do not have a curfew

Do you have a nickname?
My nickname is Cornsy

What other sport do you play?
I played field hockey in high school but nowadays play golf

What other sport would had prefer to play beside cricket?
No other sport. Cricket has been my main focus since I was a little boy.

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