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Interview with Regis Burton...

What are you looking forward to most in this tournament?

Going into the world cup, I will be competing against the best in the world and I am mostly looking forward to learning from them; whether from their culture, style of cricket or how they operate as a professional team is something that I want to take away from this tournament.

Regis Burton bowling during the ICC Under-19 tournament in Canada, earlier this year. (Photo by Shiek Mohamed)

Tell us about the first time you put on a USA cap?
My first time wearing a USA cap was in the Americas completion against the island of Bahamas. The moment I wore it gave me the thrill of accomplishment to all my hard work and the feeling of pride, to represent the United States of America.

Have you met any of your cricket heroes?
I am privilege to have one of the greatest heroes to the game of cricket related to me, Sir Vivian Richards.
Where do you see USA finishing in the ICC Under-19 Tournament?

Presently, we are ranked the 15th best nation in the world. We the US consider ourselves to be the best at whatever we do and that is the mentality that we are going into this tournament with. We play this game to win but if we do not achieve this goal at this world cup, it would not be very long until we do.

Do you have any particular goals you want to achieve in your career?
I am aiming to represent my nation at the senior level in an ICC tournament and also to become a professional athlete in the game of cricket.

Who have been the biggest influences on you as a player?
Firstly, I’ll have to say the almighty God, because he has given me the strength each time to go onto the field. I would also have to say my family who supports me and has taught me the fact that nothing good comes easy. Furthermore, wearing the letters USA alone influences me to go out on the field and to give it my all.
Who is your idol growing up?
Ab de Villiers has always been my cricketing ideal. I admire the fact that he puts God first in anything he does and also because he is what I consider to be complete all-rounder, like myself. He is a good batsman at a young age, and will one day be among the greats; a bowler, wicket-keeper and an outstanding fielder. I have a high regard for anyone who excels in the field because most of your time playing cricket is spent fielding, and you have to learn as a cricketer to love fielding.
Do you have a curfew?
I was never given a curfew as a child but whenever I was on youth tours I would always have to abide by one. Above all others, curfews are set for the main reason of safety especially when players are away from home.

Do you have a nickname?
No I don’t have a nick name.
What other sport do you play?
I represent my university by swimming in the NCAA division 3 level. I also play soccer and tennis.
What other sport would have preferred to play beside cricket?

If I was not introduced to the game of cricket I would have continued playing tennis, putting all my effort into it just like I am doing with cricket.

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