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Interview with Henry Wardley...

What are you looking forward to most in this tournament?

Playing against professional sportsmen who in the future will be household names in cricket.

Tell us about the first time you put on a USA cap?
Great! What an honor. 

Henry Wardley batting against Cayman Island during the ICC Under-19 tournament in Canada, earlier this year. (Photo by Shiek Mohamed)

Have you met any of your cricket heroes?
I spoke to Andrew Flintoff in the Ashes this year, I said “Good luck today Fred” and he said “Thanks mate”. That day he took 5 wickets!! Don’t call it a coincidence. 

Where do you see USA finishing in the ICC Under-19 Tournament?
Got to think positively, I would like to win the plate, but if we get past the group stages then who knows.

Do you have any particular goals you want to achieve in your career?
Play cricket until I no longer have fun doing it. 

Who have been the biggest influences on you as a player?
Many people. In America; Govind Itwaru from Excalibur Cricket Club in New Jersey inspired me to play cricket in the USA, Lalta and family have been a great help and support and I love playing in their nets and on their team, Rising Stars.  And in England my school cricket coach Chris Tavare and Phil Hulsten.  Moreover, William Wilkin, an inspiration to us all and of course my family. 

Who is your idol growing up?
Marcus Trescothick

Do you have a curfew?

Do you have a nickname?

What other sport do you play?
Tennis, Rugby, Squash, Soccer, 

What other sport would you have preferred to play beside cricket?
Baseball, would like to play for the Yankees.

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