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WISA 20/20 - Upsets/Thrillers/Surprises!

By Darshan Chickery
September 9, 2008
The West Indian Softball Association 20/20 competition started last Sunday with play in all its divisions. What promises to be some exiting cricket in the approaching cool weather, WISA has done itself proud by grouping the all divisions with eight teams into two groups each.

With no more than three games to play, and a playoff format that includes all but the last place team in points in every group. This exciting format promises to offer upsets, thrillers and more than a few surprises.

With an influx of some of the game’s elite players from New York Softball League and the Promotion of Rising Stars and Richmond Hill Sports Club from the Premier division, the competition in the Premier Elite Division promises to be very exciting to say the least.

The teams that have included stars from the New York Softball League are; Rebels who added at least Peter Persaud from East Coast, Majestics added Navin Narine and Eon Ellis from Assassins, Cornered Tigers added ‘White Boy’ and ‘Ganguly’ to name a few from East Coast.

With the elimination of Mafia and Cavaliers last week, in the New York Softball competition, idle players from those teams will weave their way onto teams that is looking to gain that competitive edge.

Here is a summary of results from divisional play in the 20/20 competition from last Sunday:

Premier Elite
Group A – Cornered Tigers beat Rebels. Rising Stars beat Wild Bunch
Group B – Dynasty beat Majestics by five wickets. Richmond Hill beat President XI by 23 runs.

L.B.I. beat Avengers, United beat Young Guns, Exquisite Realty beat Tamarind Root and Patriots beat Hurricanes.

Division I
Crushers beat Champions, Canjie beat Scramblers & Lords beat Young Guns. DFI won. Chargers & Archer earn walkovers from their opponents.

Division II
Primetime, Royals, Caribbean, Triumph, Elite, Shooting Stars, Queens Village and Braves all won their game.

Division III
Cornered Tigers II, Young Guns & Legends won.

Division IV
Cornered Tigers III, Queens United, Good Times, Winning Colors, Sander’s XI and Supersonics won their games.

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Richmond Hill Sports Club’s Corner
Richmond Hill Beat President XI

By Darshan Chickery
September 10, 2008
Richmond Hill Sports Club beat President XI by 23 runs in the West Indian Softball Association’s 20 Over Premier Elite Competition last Sunday at Charles Drew Park.

In its relatively short existence, Richmond Hill has barreled its way through WISA’s competition to earn the right to play in the Organization’s top division – the Premier Elite.

In March 2008 the newly formed Richmond Hill Sports Club participated in WISA’s10 Overs competition with intentions of just ‘getting their feet wet’. They did more than getting their feet wet. They won that competition and have not looked back since. They played the 25 Over in Division I and won it.

WISA’s decision to promote teams after the 25 Over competition was great news for Richmond Hill. They were promoted to the Premier Division when the 30 Over started. Richmond Hill and Rising Stars were declared joint champions when their final ended in a tie. Promoted again, they commenced play in the Premier Elite division last Sunday by beating President XI in the 20 Over competition.

Is his club for real? The players and people behind it think so. Their competition on the other hand, thinks they are just another bunch of regular folks who do not have a chance. Are they? Time will tell. They have already taken cared of a bunch of ex-Rebels players in President XI. Missing most notably from the ex-Rebels players last Sunday was Raj Mathura. Raj, I was told moved on with the team’s name.

Richmond Hill won the toss Sunday and decided to bat first. They were immediately in trouble losing their first two wickets for 14 runs in the third over. Instead of repairing the damage, they were set back further when they lost their third wicket in the fifth over and their fourth wicket in the sixth over to be precariously placed at 18 for 5 at the end of the sixth over.

Presidents XI were ‘pumped’ and they had every right to be. In came Imran Wahab to join Richmond Hill’s only new comer for the competition, Tuladeo Tribhowan (Hanted). They batted cautiously until Imran was out with the penultimate deliver before the break. Richmond Hill was 31 for 6 at the break.

Bridgelall Heralall (Max) and ‘Hanted’ put on 27 for the seventh wicket partnership before Max was out for an aggressive 19. Ravi Lutchman and ‘Hanted’ then put on 24 for the eight wicket before ‘Hanted’ was out for a workman-like 14. Ravi was the last man out for 18 with the score on 90.

Mike Balkaran and Mark Bobb took three wickets apiece while Suresh Balkaran and Colin Grogan captured two wickets each.

Presidents XI replied with 67 all out in the allotted 20 overs. At the break (10 Overs), they were 39 for 1. Ravi Lutchman and Ahmad Shazaman (Zaman) really ‘put the breaks on’ by only conceding 12 runs between them from the 11th to the 15th overs. The pressure builded and President XI were 51 for 3 at the end of the 15th over.

Needing 40 runs in the last five overs, President XI tried to attack but was bowled out for 67. Basil Balkaran top scored with 18. Kumar Chickery was Richmond Hill’s most successful bowler with 4 for 16 while Ravi Lutchman took 2 wickets for 4 runs. Zaman and Brian Heralall contributed with one wicket apiece.

Richmond Hill battles Dynasty next.

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