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Dynasty And Cornered Tigers For Bragging Rights!

By Darshan Chickery
October 9, 2008
Cornered Tigers and Dynasty will battle each other in the West Indian Softball Association 20/20 Final. The title of WISA 20/20 2008 Champions will not be enough for either of these teams. They both have scores to settle. Personal grudges, bragging rights and in some cases, satisfaction from dislikes to put it nicely between opposing factions will be on the line.

The history between these two teams is short in relative terms but, the animosity that exists has the build up like that of the ‘ashes’ or the sub-continent series that just began between India and Australia.

Long before Cornered Tigers got to the Premier Elite Division, there was always talk within their ranks that they can beat Dynasty. They ‘talked’ the talk and then backed it up when they were promoted earlier this year. They beat Dynasty in the most prestigious of competitions, WISA 30 Over. That illustrious day in Cornered Tigers memory is one of Dynasty’s most embarrassing one. One team will set out to add a little more salt to the wounded while the other will try to redeem itself.

How does this battle shape up? It promises to be a very competitive game to say the least. Rumor has it that Cornered Tigers have imported more than a few players to boost their team. That is not a secret. Once the teams played by the rules they can assemble an entire team of imported players.

My personal take on it is, a team in a specific division should retain at least x amount (I would put it at 9 players) or percentage of its players from a previous competition in order to participate in the same or higher division. This will prevent the prospect of a team gaining an unfair advantage. I sure there will be arguments that every competition is unique in its own way. I will address this topic in another article.

Dynasty is expected to field the same team Cornered Tigers beat in the early summer with one exception, L. Mohan (Jr.). Junior’s presence is expected to boost all facets of Dynasty’s game. On the flip side, Cornered Tigers have added K. Nandalall, Javed Ali and Asif Ali to its lineup. Those additions are expected to help Tiger’s batting immensely.

To catch this grudge match, you need to be at Charles Drew Park (Van Wyck Expressway Service Rd. & 115 Ave) on Sunday October 12, 2008 at 1:00 PM.

Cornered Tigers advance to WISA 20/20 Final
By Darshan Chickery
Oct. 8th, 2008
Cornered Tigers beat Richmond Hill comfortably by five wickets and five overs to spare to advance to the West Indian Softball Association’s 20/20 final. They will face the Dynasty Cricket Club in a much-anticipated match-up on Sunday October 12, 2008 at Charles Drew Park.

Cornerd Tigers cricket team.

In a match that was supposed to be a competitive one, the result did not paint the picture as though it was, but in actuality, it was for the most part.

Richmond Hill won the toss and decided to bat first. A decision, that according to a few ‘Tigers’ did surprised them. Richmond Hill got off to a relatively good start of 23 before losing opener Clifflee Velaidum for 7 to Javed Ali in the 6th over. Ahmad Shazaman followed two overs later for 12. Richmond Hill was 28 for 2 after eight overs.

Needing to ‘pick up’ the run rate and keep their wickets, Richmond Hill managed to keep its wickets but their run rate declined. They were 36 for 2 at the end of ten overs. All of Cornered Tigers bowlers were very disciplined.

Richmond Hill’s run rate increased after the break but lost wickets regularly. They scored 45 runs in the last ten overs but lost six wickets in the process. The very thick outfield grass did not help Richmond Hill and it was not going to help Cornered Tigers either when they replied. Richmond Hill did not score any run with a boundary but did score 53 times with singles, a testament to Tiger’s exceptional bowling and the heavy outfield.

Javed Ali was Cornered Tigers’ best bowler with 4 for 10. S. Kyume supported him with 2 for 17. Kumar Chickery top scored for Richmond Hill with an unbeaten 15.

Cornered Tigers started their reply disastrously. They lost N. Singh to a run out in the first over. D. Singh and K. Nandalall repaired the damage nicely before D. Singh was out caught trying to dispatch a full pitch from Brian Heralall. Nyeem Mohamed joined Nandalall for what was expected to be some entertaining batting display. It almost was.

Nandalall and Mohamed were given lives by some inept fielding by some Richmond Hill’s most reliable fielders. Tigers took advantage of that and continued to score freely until Mohamed was bowled by Kumar Chickery for 12. They were 48 for three after 10 overs.

In the ‘driver’s seat’, Cornered Tigers came out looking to wrap up the game after the break but lost two quick wickets before Javed Ali steadied the ship, safely home. They eventually got to 85 for 5 in fifteen overs. Nandalall top scored with 28.

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