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Richmond Hill Beat Majestic CC

By Darshan Chickery
September 30, 2008
On the day when Mets ‘faithful’ ceased to ‘believe’ at Shea Stadium and Mike Mussina won 20 games for the first time in his career, Richmond Hill Sports Club and Majestic Cricket Club played each other for a second week in a row. No, it was not a ‘do over’. Actually, it was for a spot in the semi finals of the Premier Elite division of the WISA 20/20 competition. The result was the same as last week’s, Richmond Hill won. This time, the margin was nineteen runs.

The game was scheduled for and played at Charles Drew playground (115th Ave and Van Wyck Expressway Service Rd.) So was the other quarter final between the Rebels Cricket Club and Rising Stars, which was played simultaneously. How did that happen? Well, there are two wickets. What was interesting is, the method used to determine which fixture was going to be played on which wicket. A coin toss took place under the watchful eyes of a WISA representative, the four captains and the umpires whom officiated the games. I was told that the coin toss became necessary to avoid accusations of favoritism that could have been leveled against WISA. The Richmond Hill vs. Majestic fixture won the coin toss and decided to play on Wicket I.

Richmond Hill won the toss and took first crack at Majestic. Amad Shazaman (Zaman) and Clifflee Velaidum (Lee) opened the batting. They got off to a flying start of 18 before Zaman was bowled by Gopie Doodnauth’s last ball in the second over. A stark contrast from last week when Zaman and Lee had an 82 run first wicket partnership in ten overs.

Krishna Chickery joined Lee and the two complimented each other perfectly while putting on 75 for the second wicket. Krishna was workman-like while Lee was in a state of controlled aggression. Lee punished almost every bad ball while exhibited calculated risk trying to score on good deliveries. When Lee was out for 48, the score was 93 in the fourteenth over.

Richmond Hill was poised to put up a huge score, but that plan was thwarted, by some sensible bowling from Majestic and an overly aggressing batting display by Richmond Hill. They managed to get to 131 for 8 from the allotted 20 overs. Krishna made 34. Joe Ramnarine was Majestic’s most successful bowler with 3 for 24 while Shashi Wilfred bagged 2 for 26.

Majestic began their reply cautiously with the pair of Azad Hussien and Satish Wilfred. They took the score to 18 before Satish was caught off the bowling of Brian Heralall. Majestic battled, but lost four more wickets to be restricted to 49 for 5 after 10 overs.

Needing to score at more than eight runs an over after the break, Majestic was set back even further, when they lost their sixth wicket in the over after the break. They consolidated well for a few overs and then attempted to take Richmond Hill’s bowling apart. They tried, but not successfully. Except for one over where Shashi was severe on Max who went for 19, Richmond Hill held their composure and catches offered to them.
Majestic was 112 for 9 when the allotted 20 over ran out. Shashi who sustained an injury to his leg early in his inning top scored with 29. Zaman was the pick of Richmond Hill’s bowling with 4 for 17 from four overs. He got support from Brian Heralall with 2 for 18. J. Hemraj, R. Lutchman and Krishna Chickery all bowled economically while taking one wicket apiece.

Richmond Hill’s semi final opponent will be the 2008 Premier Elite 30 Overs Champions, Cornered Tigers. The game will be played at Charles Drew Park on 10/05/2008.

West Indian Softball Association
20/20 Semi Finals Weekend

By Darshan Chickery
Last weekend was one for the books where sport is concerned in New York. ‘Shea Stadium’ ceased to exist, so will the ‘old’ baseball cathedral of the world. ‘The Stadium’, Yankee Stadium however, will continue to exist as a new structure. The West Indian Softball Association (WISA) was graced with the presence of former Guyana national cricketer, Mark Harper. Mr. Harper officiated the quarterfinals game between Queens United and Brooklyn/Queens at Carnarsie, Brooklyn.

Mr. Hammy Reid and Aileen Naughton were very instrumental in persuading Mark Harper to officiate the game administered by WISA. According to the hierarchy at WISA, Mr. Harper’s involvement in the organization is welcome with the highest regard.

Its semi finals weekend in the WISA 20/20. A slew of very interesting games in all divisions will be on tap. For the teams that were just promoted, competing will not be enough. They will try to win while the incumbent teams try to knock off the just promoted upstarts.

The games scheduled for this week are as follows:

Premier Elite
Dynasty @ Rising Stars in Hamilton CT.
Cornered Tigers vs. Richmond Hill Sports Club

Exquisite Realty vs. Hurricanes/L.B.I.
Patriots vs. Tamarind Root

Division I
Scramblers vs. Archer
D.F.I. vs. Lords at Indian Field

Division II
Primetime vs. Braves
Caribbean vs. Queens Village

Division III
Good Times vs. Sanders XI in Huntington CT.
Queens vs. Supersonics

Division IV
Legends vs. Harlem Players
Young Guns II vs. Caribbean Stars in Huntington CT.

Cricket is one of the many ways we can bring our community together and keep our youngsters out of harms way. Encourage your child to play a sport. For information on softball cricket, visit

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