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30 Over Competition – Semi-Finals Weekend

By Darshan Chickery
August 14, 2008
Its semi-finals weekend in the West Indian Softball Association’s, 30 Overs Competition. All the divisions except Division III will have their semi-final games played on August 17, 2008. Division III will have its final played at Charles Drew Park Sunday at 1:00 PM.

There were some surprise winners and a few upsets in the quarter final round last week. Here are a few teams that advance to the semi-final round this week.

In Premier Elite, Majestics beat Wild Bunch and Ocean XI beat Rebels. In Premier, L.B.I. beat Young Gunz while United beat Avengers. In what was considered an upset, Caribbean beat Queens Village in Division II.

Here is the schedule for the this week (08/17/2008)

Premier Elite
Cornered Tigers vs. Majestics. Dynasty vs. Ocean XI

Rising Stars takes on United while Richmond Hill goes up against L.B.I.

Division I
Exquisite Realty vs. Canjie. Patriots vs. Tamarind Root.

Division II
Triumph vs. Caribbean. Primetime vs. Royals.

Division III - Final
Queens United vs. Cornered Tigers II / Brooklyn Boys at Charles Drew Park

Division IV
Legends vs. Sanders XI. Crawbwood Creek vs. New York Raca

Besides getting to the finals, most teams if not all, will be playing to win and get promoted. The West Indian Softball Association has a promotion/relegation system that gives all teams the opportunity to play competitive cricket in all divisions. At the least, the top two teams usually are promoted to the division ahead of them while the two last place teams in points are relegated to the division below them.

This is one way to ensure that no team dominates in a specific division except in Premier Elite. At the minimum, all the teams that advance to the final will get, promoted. Hence, this week’s games, has a lot of significance for teams that have aspirations of playing more competitive cricket.

Remember to be responsible. Have fun but do not consumer alcohol in an illegal manner. As matter of fact, consumption of alcohol in city parks is illegal unless you have a permit to do so. WISA’s permit does NOT allow for the consumption of alcohol or amplified sounds (music).

Cricket is one of the many ways we can bring our community together and keep our youngsters out of harms way. Encourage your child to play a sport. For information on softball cricket, visit

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