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Bobby And United Star In A Win-Win Situation

By James Persaud
Sept. 11th, 2008
It’s finals-Super Sunday in the New York Softball Cricket League 30 over Cup competition sponsored by Shazam Husain-Novelty Financial Group. To say that the nine game winning streaks which United Star has enjoyed so far in the competition is luck, is an understatement. The Bobby Pahalad led team has made the move to the “white” ball league four seasons ago to play more competitive cricket, since the other big four teams were already there, Untouchables, Cavaliers, East Coast and Assassins.

United Stars with sponsor Paul (far left).

While the other teams has had their share of glory by winning championships, United Star has played superb cricket in the qualifying games making it into the finals and too many times settled for second place. In this Sunday finals United Star will be taking on the Kris Shobai led Hustlers and find themselves in a must win-win situation. United Star must be given the edge since the other big four teams have been knocked out in the playoffs earlier and Hustlers is a first year team and going to the finals for the first time.

United Star has dominated their opponents with their bowling strength, a team with six fast bowlers who are all capable of creating mayhem against any batting side. If there is any down side for United Star, it has to be there middle order batting which is suspect of not been consistent at time and could do better under pressure.

Ravi Balli and Seenarine are expected to open the batting and will be looking for a solid start to set the stage for the later batsman. Seenarine a good professional batsman fines himself too many times been locked down in his hard ball “mode” and not making the adjustments for softball cricket. Maybe he should take a few page from Andrew Gonsalves book, the best batsman at playing both version of the game, this is softball cricket-uneven pace and unpredictable bounce.

Bobby the best all rounder in softball cricket today, who is the cricketer of the year for the 2007 season and also winning many other individual awards. But he has not been able so far to lead his team to a big finals championship. This would have to be United Star best chance for championship, Bobby is having an all-star season so far. He would need support from his batsmen, Ivan, Balli, Narayan, Seenarine, Dhanraj and Trevor. The bowling should hold its own with Bhola, Bobby, Nayal, Dharampal and Frankie.

Hustlers playing together as team a for the first season has had a good streak so far this season, in the last competition this same two team reach in the semi-finals and United Star got the victory. Since that last game both teams has made change to their team roster and this match up is expected to a much closer duel.

Kris would be looking at his all rounder opening batsman Pooran Beria to get a big score and hope the rest of the batting could set a reasonable target to defend. Their bowling is capable of performing wonders especially Kris with his off spin.

Last Sunday United Star knocks off the Mafia for 86 all out and United Star reached the required score in only 10 overs while losing 4 wickets.

In the other semi-final game Hustler was bowled out for 105 by Cavaliers in a game that looked as if it all belongs to Cavaliers. Cavaliers a good batting team looked set for victory at 64 for 4, until Kris Shobai took the ball and grabbed 4 valuable wickets for 27 runs in his spell of 6 overs and Cavaliers fell 5 runs short. It was another display by Kris why he must never be taken lightly as he is at his best under pressure.
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