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Canal Guzzle Waves On To Finals

By James Persaud
Sept. 11th, 2008
As a tropical storm warning was in effect for the north east coast, Canal was prepared for high Waves. In the qualifying round Canal had the better of Waves in a one-sided affair at Roy Wilkins Park. In the quarter finals round Waves got the edge over Sunrise in a very close game sending them to face Canal in the next round. Waves were riding the high wind and had sent out signal that this time they would be able to turn things around.

Kudos must be given to Shazad Ally and his team for playing a good game not given up until the fat lady sung.

All-round Harriprashad

Shazad won the toss and asked Canal to bat, this did not cause any trouble for Canal, being a good all round team, chasing runs or bowling last the guys were all ready for the challenge. Canal openers Danny Singh and Amar Singh took the crease against Rishideo who was bowling very fast, wild and wide, but he got the wicket of Danny (2) with the last ball of the first over and 11 runs on the board. Anand Singh who has not been getting runs lately had another bad outing as he faced 3 balls before returning to his seat without scoring, it was a hard out as he pulled a short ball to deep square leg and the fielder running around and diving forward, holding onto the catch.

The new batsman was Deodat who stayed with Amar and added another 27 before he tried to knock one over the deep mid wicket boundary only to find the fielder waiting and he was gone caught of the bowling of Ramsingh. This was a big set back and Canal find themselves in early trouble, Harriprashad joined Amar who looked in fine form and taking no chances.

At the end of the over Harriprashad and Amar had a long mid wicket conference and it seems that the plan was to go for the quick single and doubles. With both batsmen being very quick runners this approach worked as the score board kept on turning and the large crowd enjoyed the excitement. Amar raced to his half century mark before the break, he batted smart making no mistake and along with Harriprashad they took their team out of trouble without any additional damage. The Waves skipper used five bowlers in trying to break the partnership without any success and went to the water break with the score on 93 for 3.

When play resumed Harriprashad went after the bowling and seemed to lose his timing, missing many shots at bad balls giving a simple catch to short extra cover in the seventeenth over bowled by Ramsingh. Harriprashad made 22 runs and looked very frustrated with himself as he left the field. In the next over Rishideo got one to roll which removed Amar (56) off stump, this was a big set back for Canal who looked set for a score well into or close to two hundred. Baldeo (5) came to the crease and he lost his middle stump in the next over, James came to the crease and was prepared to at least bat out the overs but this was short lived as he saw Ramcharitar (1) give the mid on fielder a simple catch. And in the next over Dukhi (2) lost his off stump on a delivery that was very questionable, James (3) was the next wicket to go after struggling to defend, he was caught by the wicketkeeper diving to his right, once the batsman saw the catch was taken cleanly he walked- as the crowd yell “the umpire did not raise his finger”.

The score at the end of the twenty second over was 127 for 9, Canal was not expecting to find it self in this position after a good first half. It was left to the last pair of Jai Persaud (7) not out and Basil (13) to at least get them past the 150 mark and they did tried as the pair another 20 valuable runs in 6 overs for a total of 147 all out. Bowling for Waves N. Ramsingh took 4-19, L. Bisram 3-21 and R. Rishideo 2-42.

Both teams had a meeting in their camp during the break for their team game strategy, Canal was confident that their bowlers could get the job done. Waves sent Bisscessar and their skipper Ally to open the innings and Canal gave the ball to Baldeo who was right on target bowling a maiden. Anand Singh bowling second started off bad trying to bowl a little too fast and gave up 10 runs in his over. Both batsmen dug in and looked confident, but in the fourth over Biscessar (7) driving to Anand lost his middle stump, the new batsman Bisram added 4 runs before Baldeo removed his leg stump. In the next over Ally (12) trying for a double against the arm of Amar was caught well short off his crease. Canal skipper made a double bowling change replacing Baldeo and Anand with Harriprashad and Jai Persaud, Harriprashad with his third delivery removed the off stump of Ramsingh (2), Persaud with his first ball had the stubborn Roopnarine (3) caught one handed at cover point by the diving Anand.

The Waves batting looked very fragile at this point as the batsman looked as if they were just trying to stop the ball, especially against Harriprashad who was bowling very fast. Baldeo and Anand were brought back into the attack and here on it was pandemonium for the batsman as wicket kept falling at random. Ghassa (1) and Narine (0) was caught off Anand, Ramsaroop (0) and Rishideo (0) was caught of Baldeo with Lilkumar (8) not out for a total of 57 all out in fourteen overs. Baldeo took 3-8, Anand 3-20, Harriprashad 2-9 and Persaud 1-11.

In the other semi-final Enterprise got the better of Cotton Field and will now face Canal in the division IB finals. All four finals will be played in the Baisley Park area starting at 12:30pm, immediately after the games there will a grand presentation ceremony. Come out and support your local team and support good cricket, there will plenty of other goodies.

Division IIA
Young Brothers will take on Eagle Lounge in the finals in this division. The Young Brothers led by skipper Dhanraj who is having a good season with bat will be looking for an all round performance from his team.

On the other hand Ian Maharaj will be counting on his team batting strength to pull him through to victory. Last Sunday Eagle Lounge won against Triumph and Young Brothers beat New Jersey to reach the finals.

Division IIB
Better Hope II returns to the finals after a bad run in the first competition, this team which is made up of guys who have all or close to scoring half century on their birth certificate. They have played exciting cricket for the last nine weeks and will be looking to get runs from their batsmen and gave their spin bowling attack to put them in victory lane.

They will do battle with the new kids on the block Heat, also a newcomer to the league in its first season will be looking for leadership from Vijay and Ravi to create an upset.
Other Semi-finals games summary:

New Jersey Vs Young Brothers
Young Brothers 153 for 8
C. Roopnarine 30, T. Dhanraj 27, N. Karran 18.
Rajbhan 2-19, P. Sookdeo 2-29
New Jersey 146 all out
Shaw 20, Sookdeo 22, Debarros 20
V. Gunga 3-10, N. Dwarka 3-30, P. Mohan 3-31.

Better Hope II Vs Young West Indies
Better Hope II 161 for 8
C. Singh 64, K. Sanichar 29, N. Ramroop 27
Vishal 4-23, Roy 3-42.
Young West Indies124 all out
Vishal 50, Allan 24.
N. Ramroop 3-29, T. Sanichar 3-12, C. Singh 2-21.
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