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Amar Scoring Punch Leads Canal

By James Persaud

Oct. 3rd, 2008
If Sheffield had any chance of defeating Canal last Sunday this was taken away in the first 10 overs of the game by Amar Singh. Singh blasting a top score of 63 runs (9x4) and (1x6) to lead Canal to victory over Sheffield in the second round of the New York Softball Cricket League, Mini World Cup 20/20 competition.

Canal batted first and the opening pair of Amar Singh and Danny Singh put on a 67 runs partnership in 7 overs before Danny (28) was caught of Caesar’s bowling. Anand Singh and Amar continued without further loss to bring the score to 103 for 1 in 10 overs.

In the eleventh over Anand (31) lost his middle stump to Boscom, Harriprashad joined Amar and the pair added another 41 runs with Amar doing most of the scoring before he was caught at deep long on for a well played 63 runs. He looked set for an even bigger score but this was put in check when he was out caught, the catch was very contentious since the fielder dove forward and came up with the ball-in what looked like the ball hit the ground first. The umpire ruled in favor of the out and Rishi Baldeo replaced Amar, Baldeo immediately went on the attack striking a fiery knock of 31 runs, (4x4) and (1x6).

After Baldeo was out caught of Dondos, Harriprashad (10) soon follow caught off Boscom, Deodat went without scoring and Basil (2) was bowled by Dotson (Blue). Vick (6) and Amit Persaud (7) added 18 runs to the total before both were stumped by wicketkeeper Michael Persaud of Dondo’s bowling. Ravi (3) not out and James who faced the last ball was left not out in a total of 198 for 9 wickets in 20 overs. Dondos bagged 3 for 24, E. Boscom 3 for 35, Caesars 2 for 50 and Dotson chipped in with 1 for 33.

Sheffield began their innings in a very attacking manner with Michael Persaud and Wayne Crackwell blasting boundaries from Baldeo’s first over which cost 12 runs. Amar Singh was treated with the same aggression from the batsmen as his first over cost 19 runs as he seemed to be overpowered and just took one step and bowled the ball to finish the over.

A bowling change was made in the third over and Harriprashad was introduced into the attack. Canal got the break through that they needed, after a running mixed up between Persaud and Crackwell in the fifth over and a good throw from James at square leg to the bowlers end which found Persaud (18) well short of his crease.

Crackwell continued to bat well and was hitting the ball with powerful strokes, but Amar struck twice in his third and fourth over removing Crackwell (31) and A. Dotson (6). The Sheffield skipper E. Dotson (Blue) came to the crease and looked in fine form stroking the ball well; he played two powerful cover drives to the boundary of Harriprashad before he was caught off the same bowler for 9 runs. Sheffield was causing some problems for Canal as the score raced to 95 for 4 after 10 overs.

After the water break Canal wanted to take no chance with the game with dark rain clouds hanging over head they used two of their fastest bowler to wrap up the remaining batsmen. Anand Singh and Amit Persaud put on a fiery spell of bowling claiming the remaining six wickets for another 37 runs ending the game in the sixteenth over.

Anand had Caesars (17) and Joseph (2) caught and Adolph (20) bowled. Persaud bowled Dondos (3) and Nigel (16) was out caught, Boscom (2) was run out leaving Douglas not out without scoring. Anand spearheading the bowling with 3 for 8, Amit Persaud took 2 for 21, Amar 2 for 28 and Harriprashad 1 for 27.

Other Games Summary from last Sunday
Division IA
Assassins Vs Bravehaert

Assassins 193 for 7
E. Ellis 85, A. Moonsammy 19, Arvin 17
S. Deodat 2-20, L. Ganeshram, S. Melvin, Omesh and R. Deodat each took 1 wicket
Braveheart 147 all out
Y. Ward 72, A. Dhanraj 16.
Vicky 4-11, N. Narine 3-12.

Enterprise Vs NY Cricket XI
Enterprise 138 all out
NY Cricket XI 97 all out

Division IB
Nationals Vs Ecstatic

Nationals 126 for 9
A. Alli 30, S. Singh 18
Kennard 4-39, Majeed, Ricky and Rajesh too 1 wicket each
Ecstatic 93 all out
Kennard 43
H. Ramkarran 3-13, F. Ulla 2-12.

Port Mourant Youth Vs Triumph
Triumph 135 for 8
Ganesh 43
Ahmad 3-32, Suresh 2-29
Port Mourtant Youth 124 for 8
Kenny 3-14, Ganesh 2-13

Division IIA
Better Hope 2 Vs Young Brothers

Better Hope 2 70 all out
M. Mohabir 30
B. Boodhoo 3-12, P. Mohan 2-5
Young Brothers 71 for 8
N. Tiwari 31
T. Sanichar 3-17, C. Rajpaul 2-14

Division IIB
Young West Indies Vs Legends

Young West Iindies 93 all out
Richard 19, Suresh 17
K. Narinesami 3-16, B. Bhadrasain 3-15
Legends 79 all out
K. Narinesami 14
Suresh 3-11, Vishal 3-13

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