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Bhola 9 For 14: The King of Softball Bowling

By James Persaud

July 18th, 2008
Last Sunday was “bhola day” as Bhola Pahalad playing for United Star versus Liberty Knights grabbed a record breaking 9 wickets for 14 runs. Bhola was in mesmerizing form bowling his spell of six overs and in the process destroying the Liberty Knights batting lineup and finished with match figures of 6-3-14-9.

Bhola Pahalad

In 2000 Raj Doobay took 7 wickets for 2 runs bowling for the Ed Ahmad led Untouchables against Unpredictable in a semi-finals match. It looked then like this record would stand for many years to come, but like the saying goes record are made to be broken. Bhola hit his opponent’s stumps 5 times and had the other 4 batsmen out by catches, the pitch surface was very sandy and he used this well with his pace, accuracy and swings and was unplayable. At one period it looked as though he would take all 10 wickets, but his spell of overs came to an end.

Bhola was a member of the Guyana All-Stars team that took part in the New York Softball Cricket League (NYSCL) Independence Cup 08 tournament. His team reaches the finals; he didn’t play in the finals because of injury. He has been one of the better softball bowlers for many years and last season he took the most wickets playing in the NYSCL Premier division.

Eon Ellis Bat on Fire
Eon Ellis one of the more prolific batsmen in today’s softball cricket, lately he has not being getting the big scores he is capable off. A few years ago he would step to the batting crease and the fielders would immediately shift as if to give him space, but this was just to defend the boundaries.

In the game between Assassins and Braveheart that was played last Sunday, he made no mistake scoring a swashbuckling 132 not out including 10 fours and 4 sixes. His score is the highest individual score and his team total of 273 for 7 wickets is the highest so far in the current 30 over Cup competition. The Braveheart captain used 7 bowlers in trying to break the fourth wicket partnership which produce 102 runs.

NYSCL Last Sunday games summary:
Division IA
United Star Vs Liberty Knights

Liberty Knights 65 all out
Navin 27
Bhola Pahalad 9-14, I. Bhagwandin 1-16
United Stars 69 for 1
Bobby Pahalad 27 not out, V. Dhanraj 26 not out
Shawn 1 for 14

Assassins Vs Braveheart
Assassins 273 for 7
E. Ellis 132 not out, K. Bux 23.
L. Ganeshram 3 for 26
Braveheart 119 all out
O. Ganesh 33.
J. Sanichar 4 -14, Chattergoon 3-28.

Division IB
Canal Vs Volcano

Canal 185 all out
Amar Singh 38, D. Singh 31, J. Persaud 27 not out
M. Samaroo 3-20, R. Besham 3-22, R. Boodhoo 3-28.
Volcano 57 all out
Robin 11
R. Baldeo 6-18, Amar Singh 3-15

Division IIA
Triumph Vs P M All-Star

Triumph 254 for 4
G. Pooran 107 not out, R. Murry 34
Narseh, S. Melville, B. Ramdin, R. Lekha took 1 wicket each
P M All-Star 218 for 5
R. Virapen 81 not out, Ramdin 34
Boodram 2-23, Rohan 2-38

Lions Vs New Jersey
New Jersey 208 for 9

S. Sawh 53 not out, R. Toolram 49
Rahaman 3-21, Joseph 2-30, V. McLennon 2-41
Lions 94 all out
Mallay 30
R. Hardin 5-18, J. Debarros 2-17

Division IIB
Better Hope II Vs Liberty Boys

Better Hope II 237 for 7
M. Mahabir 66, K. Sanichar 66, N Ramroop 27
R. Kowlessar 2-40, F. Kentulall 2-34
Liberty Boys 90 all out
S. Dean 25, J. Gopaul 19
A. Mangra 4-25, K. Mangra 2-25, I Alli 2-8

Ravens Vs New York Mid Rise
NY Mid Rise 192 for 3
R. Kowlessar 100 not out, Eric 32 notout
R. Gafoor, C. Persaud, R. Williams took 1 wicket each
Ravens 147 all out
S. Harrichand 23, R. Williams 22
Ravi 2-13, D. Persaud 2-23. K. Persaud 2-27, R. Kowlessar 2-24

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