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Guyana All-Stars Crushed By NYSCL XI

By James Persaud
July 11th, 2008
Last Sunday in what has become if not the biggest softball cricket Inter State tournaments, New York Softball Cricket League (NYSCL) hosted its fourth annual mid summer classic, Independence Cup 08. After three days of exciting cricket with team competing from as far north as Canada and far south as Guyana it was all consummate to a grand final between two of the better teams Guyana All-Stars and the NYSCL XI.

All eight competing teams played three earlier rounds which started on Friday morning, in group one Florida Cricket was number and NYSCL XI number two, in group two New York Dream, New York Muslim cricket and Guyana All-Stars were all tied up with the same amount of points. The net run rate rule was used to determine which two teams would move on to the next round, New York Dream team and Guyana All-Stars came out number one and two respectively.

Guyana All-Star (166 for 7) got by Florida Cricket (75 all out) in an affair that proved the Guyana bowling was just too much for Florida. Over at 115 avenue in a much anticipated semi-finals between NYSCL XI (150 all-out) and NY Dream team (131 all-out).
It was about 1:20pm under cloudy sky and a crowd well into the thousand and by the end of the game the crowd had reached about three thousand people, all who came out to support the NYSCL and softball cricket. They came out expecting a big final and they got exactly what they had come to expect from a NYSCL sponsored event.
The Guyana skipper Bobby Pahalad won the toss and after a long delay deciding what to do, at one time taking all his players out to inspect the pitch; he chose to bat on what looked like a good batting track.

Vicky Dhanraj and Seenarine came to the crease and Gummel Mathai was given the ball, his first over was a maiden. Peter Sookdeo bowled the second over and gives up a single to each batsman. Kris Shobai kept a very defensive field and the batsman find runs very difficult to get, the first boundary came in the third over a cover drive over the top by Dhanraj, with the score on 24 in the sixth over Dhanraj (16) was caught by Erapallai at cover point. Ravin Ivan batting at number three batted very cautious as Seenarine (7) was bowled in the next over by Javid Ali.

The score board moved on with singles and doubles as the bowlers bowled a very tight line and length, especially Ali who finish with figures of 5-3-3-2. K. Singh replaced Seenarine and after a big mixed up running between the wicket he was gone without scoring, Frankie Baichoo (4) came to the crease and seems to want to knock himself out of trouble, made some big swipes and was never in control losing his stump to Pooran.

Ivan (32) continued batting very cautious and together with Karan Ganesh put on a sixth wicket 22 runs partnership before Ali beat the defensive bat of Ganesh (9) removing his middle stump in the process.

Skipper Bobby Pahalad came to the crease with his team in trouble and immediately started stroking the ball finding the gaps. Eleven runs later Ivan was bowled by Pooran, Sukhra joined Bobby and added a18 runs partnership, by this time Bobby (17) looked set for a big score hooking Pooran for four and the only six of the game, but Pooran bowled a slower ball causing Bobby to check his shot and Erapallai doing the rest at cover. Nigel Briglall (1) was run out and Sookraj was bowled by Anil leaving Dharampaul Singh not out on 1 and the innings closed on 121 all out after 23.3 overs.

With NYSCL XI needing to get 122 in 25 overs, Kris Shobai had to be happy with his team’s success so far in the game. Kris who arguably is the best softball cricket batsman came to crease with Pooran, with a standing ovation by the crowd. Dharampaul Singh the left arm pacer running in from the north end, send his first ball a little short and on the leg, Kris checking his shot and sending a simple catch to Bobby at mid on who made no mistake as the crowd just went silence.

Michael Persaud limped to the crease from an earlier leg injury, played the next five deliveries without any trouble. Bobby bowling the second over had Michael driving and missing outside the off stump, his fourth delivery found the off stump and Michael was gone without scoring. Pooran Beria standing at the non striker end watched as two of his partners gone with only 2 runs (leg bye) on the board, Ravi Sahadeo joined Pooran and the two struggled but survived and added 33 runs for the third wicket, before Sahadeo (11) was caught and bowled by Nigel, the score was 39 for 3 and half the overs finish.

Sunil Panday the hero of the first Independence Cup finals could only remember being in this position before and on that Sunday afternoon he had a tumultuous knock of 47 runs, but that was four years ago. Panday (4) tries to hit Ivan out of the ground and was caught with the total on 45, NYSCL XI was in trouble as the crowd became quiet and the line for food and light refreshments become longer. The green and yellow colors in the Guyana All-Stars sections of the crowd was putting pressure on the NYSCL XI red and white section.

Erapallai Sahadeo joined Pooran who was batting solid and looked as if he would stay to the end, Erapallai played himself in and looked to be in good form stroking the ball with power. Pooran (12) was bowled by Singh and Erapallai (13) soon follow bowled by Frankie Baichoo. This brought two new batsmen to the crease Prashad Mahadeo and Javid Ali, this pair brought the crowd to their feet as the young and speedy running between the wickets causing problems for the Guyana fielders. Javid had the crowd in stitches has he played his trademark reverse swing shot with great success and together with Mahadeo challenged the fielders and causing them to make mistakes. Javid (19) and Mahadeo added a sixth wicket partnership of 47 valuable runs before Javid was run out.

Gummel Mathai came to the crease with his team needing a few good swing from him, he shuffle across to Bobby and lost his leg stump without adding to the score. With NYSCL XI needing another 8 runs for victory Peter Sookdeo was called upon to see his team home, Peter was limping from a knee injury but refuse to have a runner. Peter strokes the first ball over extra cover for a double. The next over Mahadeo stroke the ball finding the gap scoring two conceptive doubles and a single, the score was tie Peter knock the next ball over extra cover and ran two to secure victory for NYSCL XI. Mahadeo finished with 27 not out and Peter 4 not out and seven balls to spare.

Independence Cup 08 Winners
Most Runs in the Tournament Trophy Winner: Pooran Beria-NYSCL XI-201 runs

Highest Individual Score in the tournament Trophy Winner: Ravin Ivan-Guyana All-Star 64 runs

Most wickets in the tournament Trophy Winner: Frankie Baichoo-Guyana All-Star
Man of the match (semi-final) 1 Trophy Winner: Pooran Beria NYSCL XI 41runs, 2 wkts for 24 runs

Man of the match (semi-final) 2 Trophy Winner: Bobby Pahalad Guyana All-Star
50 runs, 2 wkts for 13runs

Man of the match -finals Trophy Winner: Prashad Mahadeo- NYSCL XI- 27 runs not out

Most valuable player in the tournament (MVP) Trophy Winner: Pooran Beria-NYSCL XI

2nd Place Team Trophy & $1500. Winner: Guyana All-Star

1st Place Team Trophy & $4000. Winner: NYSCL XI

Legends Cup 08 Winners
Most Runs in the Tournament Trophy Winner: Steve Sookhoo-NYSCL 1- 210 runs

Highest Individual Score in the tournament Trophy Winner: Lenroy Benjamin NYSCL 2

Most wickets in the tournament Trophy Winner: Ken Mangra Better Hope All-Star-6 wkts

Man of the match finals Trophy Winner: K. Sanichar Better Hope All-Star 59 runs

Most valuable player in the tournament (MVP) Trophy Winner: Steve Sookhoo NYSCL1

2nd Place Team Trophy Winner: NYSCL 1

1st Place Team Trophy & $1500. Winner: Better Hope All-Star

Great Achievements Awards
Hat Trick: $100 Winner: Aubrey Towler-Brooklyn Vs Dream Team

Centuries:$106 Winner: Lenroy Benjamin 106 runs,NYSCL2 Vs B/Hope

Participating Teams: Legends Cup 08
Better Hope All-Star New York Softball Cricket League I
South Florida Softball Cricket Association New York Softball Cricket League II
Participating Teams: Indy Cup 08
Brooklyn All-Star Guyana All-Star
Florida Softball Cricket New York Softball Cricket League XI
New York Muslim Softball Cricket League Canadian Softball Cricket
Bronx Dream Team Ocala Softball Cricket

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