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Bhola On Fire As He Took 9 Wickets For 15 Runs

By James Persaud

Dec. 13th, 2008

Bhola Pahalad

It is the middle of summer deep in the belly of a Brooklyn Park; a young man wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt holding a beverage container in his hand makes his way across the field.

Looking at this person your first instinct would be that this guy is just having a day at the park.

It is some time between mid day and 1pm and another more mature man yell over to the young man with the beverage to get in uniform. The young man immediately follows the order and was soon in a dark green and yellow uniform, he walked over and grabbed a ball and began throwing it into the concrete wall as if he was losing or just warming up for action.

On this said Sunday afternoon if you were looking for action, well you were at the right spot because it was “bhola day” as Bhola Pahalad playing for United Star versus Liberty Knights grabbed a record breaking 9 wickets for 15 runs. Bhola was in mesmerizing form bowling his spell of six overs and in the process destroying the Liberty Knights batting lineup and finished with match figures of 6-3-15-9. It was only one week earlier that he had missed out playing in the Independence Cup finals because of an injury.

Bhola hit his opponent’s stumps 5 times and had the other 4 batsmen out by catches, the pitch surface was very sandy and he used this well with his pace, accuracy and swings and was unplayable. At one point of the game it looked as though he would take all 10 wickets, but his spell of overs came to an end. At the end of his bowling spell his entire teammates gather around him in celebrating his amazing feat while the batting side stands in disbelieve.

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