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Master Blaster Victorious In The 20Twenty Final Over Sunrise

By Morris Seecharan
Nov. 13th, 2009
With the weather god’s aligned with the New York Softball league the 20Twenty finals could not have fall on better day as last Sunday. Most fitting was having the Division 1 A and B finals playing side by side at the Roy Wilkins Park in Queen. Fighting to be the champion in Division 1B was Sunrise led by Deryck Basdeo, and Master Blaster led by Paul Sookdeo. Addressing both teams before the start of the game NY Softball league president Eric Ferrier commended then for their accomplishment and reiterate that a victory in this game will crown their abilities to compete in the Premiere Division. With this in mind and both team anxious to win Master Blaster was put in to bat by Sunrise after winning the toss.
Amar Singh is caught by his younger brother Anand Singh during the Div 1A final.

V. Sarju and Satro Seraaj opened for Master Blaster but Sarju was wildly run out with the score at 7 in the 1st over. S. Algoo joined Seeraj who got off his mark by hitting a six off D. Singh. This pair would stable up the batting for their team, scoring quick singles with timely boundaries. After a decent 37 runs partnership Algoo was caught for 21 off the bowling of Stanley Lloyd in the 7th overs. A. Ratta the next batter was quickly dismissed clean bowled by Leonardo Vasquez for 2. Seeraj batting with composure and experience was very instrumental in keeping Master Blaster run rate around 7 runs per over. However, S. Lloyd had his own ideas and in his 3rd over had Seeraj caught for 25 in 9th over. At 10 over Master Blaster were 71 for 4, and was on target to build a competitive score.

Commencing the second half D. Singh had C. Ragnauth caught for 7 with the score on 72. Paul Soodeo, the captain of Master Blaster paired up with I. Rajban and they batted for an important 29 runs partnership keeping their team offensive run rate in tack closed to 7. Stanley would struck again as he clean bowled Sookdeo who was on 17 in the 16th overs and score at 101 for 6. Rajban would take the range for his team batting in the remaining overs. J. Debarros would came in and hit couple of quick boundaries off the bowling for Deryck Basdeo which solidified his team closer to 7 runs per over. Rajaban finished not out with a solid 20 runs, while Master Blaster batted the allotted 20 overs scoring 135 for 9.

Stanley Lloyd led his team defense and treated the many Sunrise supporters with his famous whipping dance with every wicket he took. Stanley took 3 for 22 in 4 overs. Harold Deokinanan was stingy went 1 for 13 in 4 overs.

Victorious Master Blasters club.

In reply the Sunrise team felt that this runs was winnable as they just made 188 runs in their semi final. Ryan Ramjas and Seeram Persaud open for Sunrise and were batting on target. Ryan exploded for a few boundaries but was setup as he was caught at long on for 11 off the bowling of Satro Seeraj in the 5th overs and the score at 29. It was a shocking loss for Sunrise as Ryan bat was hot during the play off. Deryck Basdeo would join Seeram, and looked very sharp as he got off the mark hitting a four. With the score at 39, Seeraj who was bowling intelligently setup Deryck as he was caught for 6 in the 7th overs. This was a devastating blow to the Sunrise team as Deryck was the leading batsman for Sunrise during the 2009 season. Most importantly, he was the pillar in leading his team to this final as he scored over 300 runs in the 20Twenty competition leading up to this final. Shane Manbodh would join Seeram, who looked like a solid wall holding an end. In the 8th over Seeram was brilliantly caught behind off an edge with score at 45. Sunrise at the 10 over half was 60 for the loss of 3 with enough key wickets on hand to win this total.

Shane joined by Leonardo Vasquez and they are both known explosive batsmen looked like they would be able to do some great damage to bring Sunrise to run rate to favorable position in the second half. However, Seeraj bowling with experience cleaned bowl Vasquez at the score at 71 in the 13th over. Harold would join Shane, who was the only effective batsman for Sunrise so far. Together this pair would try to salvage all options to keep this game close up to the 16th overs. Sookdeo would deal another blow to Sunrise as he had Harold caught for 12 in the 16th overs and the score at 97 for 5. Shane showed courage and determination with the leading Sunrise score made 29. His fighting spirit came to an abrupt end when he was caught off the bowling of A. Kadir with score at 102 in the 17th overs.

Deryck Basdeo collects the Div. 1B runners up trophy from sponsor Mike Bansi. Photo by Loretta Cheong

The experience by the Master Blaster team showed that they have the caliber to fight and protect their score making it unreachable in the last 5 overs of the game. By keeping the ball away from the Sunrise batsman, and covering the boundaries was pivotal in keeping the Sunrise batsmen from Scoring. Sunrise having more than 5 wickets remaining had enough batting ammunition to go after Master Blaster bowlers. However runs would run dry as it seems impossible to come. Master Blaster had their game plan working effectively as they continue to keep the ball away and covering the boundaries. When they do come in they were on target picking up wickets. They kept the Sunrise batsmen scrambling for runs as they manage only 19 runs in the last four overs. With great astonishment to the Sunrise players, management, and supporters Sunrise scored 116 for the loss of 9 wickets as the overs ran out.

It was magnificent ending and well deserved win for the Master Blaster team who capitalized on Sunrise error winning the toss and putting them into bat. They played a better game and earned the champion crown for their Division. The Sunrise team making it to this final is a positive accomplishment and these guys showed that they have the caliber to compete. They played flawlessly in all of their playoff game leading up to this final. Special congratulations to all the players, managers and supporters of the Sunrise Cricket club and best of good luck in the 2010 season.

For the final NY Softball presentation Satro Seeraj was the man of the match scoring 25 runs and bowled 3 for 19. R. Hardin was 3 for 20, and Paul Sookdeo was 2 for 22 was key bowler for Master Blaster as well.

Unstoppable Wolfpack Trunced Lions In Finals
By Vinod Chandrapal

In spring like weather of temperature in the mid sixties, Wolfpack C.C. made easy work of Lions in the NYCSA 20 over finals, played at 157 Street on Foch Blvd last Sunday.

Wolfpack cricket club.

After winning the toss and elected to take first strike, A. Shazaman and C. Veladium flayed the bowing attack of the Lions. They batted superbly rotating the strike with hardly any bother on a good batting pitch against some pretty decent bowling but ordinary fielding.

The most consistent opening pair in all division of the 20 over competition, made 63 runs at the first half way stage. This was the platform at which Wolfpack capitalized on. In the next ten overs Wolfpack batsmen just went berserk scoring another one hundred runs. A. Shazaman, who was on forty four at the half way stage made his fifty in brilliant style belting three boundaries in the first over after the interval. Veladium, not to be undone by Shazaman, and who made a half century in the semi finals also cut lose on anything that was short or even slightly.

The two eventually put on ninety two runs when Veladium miscued a pull shot without getting the elevation needed and was caught on mid on for twenty five runs including a huge six out of the ground. A. Hargobin joined Shazaman and the two added thirty three runs before Hargobin in trying to clear the boundary and was caught at long on. He made sixteen runs. Shazaman in the mean time was batting majestically hitting the boundary at will but after some frustration of not having the strike more often, and in trying to get to his own century was caught for an invaluable eighty runs. K Ramcharan (PB) made sixteen including a Vivian Richards type flick off his hips and out of the ground. D. Autar made twelve runs including three blistering boundary. Wolfpack eventually total one hundred and sixty four runs for the loss of six wickets.

To score over eight runs an over was asking a little too much for the Lions batsmen, especially against the opening bowling attack of the miserly, A Mowla (Bird) and captain D. Autar (star). The Lions needed a brisk start if they intended to chase down such an insurmountable total. This they did not get as they lost wickets at regular interval, through some good bowling and magnificent fielding from the Wolfpack team.

At half time of ten overs Lions were forty six runs for three wicket and they had to score another one hundred and eighteen runs in the next ten over, a virtually improbably task. They never got close. Their best time in the match was in the seventeen over when the blasted twenty three runs. That was the only time their supporters had anything to cheer about. S Kellawan batted beautiful for forty six runs until he was smartly stump by the veteran Vinod Chandrapal who kept wicket as usual immaculately. T Hardiall chipped in with twenty two runs.

Bowling for Wolfpack, A Mowla took four wickets for ten runs, and was as usual miserly as ever and D. Autar took two wickets for eighteen runs. A Shazaman took one wicket for fifteen runs. The three other wickets fell to run outs, two by direct hits, one from Veladium with one stump to aim at and the other by Ramcharan (PB). Lions made one hundred and thirty one runs.

A. Shazaman, for his all round performance was unanimously the man of the match.

The hallmark of Wolfpack success was due to team sprit and shrewd planning and this can be seen with the result in both the thirty overs and twenty overs, where lost just a match a piece but eventually won both competitions. Their next goal is the triple crown and Gibby Wahab, their manager, can’t wait for next year 2010.

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