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Heeralall, Samaroo And Sugrim Set Up Mafia Win

By Vishal Singh

July 24th, 2009
After two close losses the previous two weeks, the Mafia team viewed their game against Triumph as a must win game. On paper this should be an easy game for Mafia but they say cricket is played on the field. The team didn’t disappoint their supporters this week, dominating the game from start to finish.

Mafia cricket team.

Triumph won the toss and decided to bat under sunny skies. They never recovered from losing their first 3 wickets without a run on the board and were eventually bowled out for a paltry 23 that contained 9 extras. Bowling for Mafia Brian Heeralall grabbed his second 4 wicket haul in as many weeks. There was 3 wickets for Deo Samaroo, 2 for Vicky Sugrim and 1 for Anil Beharry.

With the small score to get, the boys went out there looking to finish the game quickly. The winning total was achieved for the loss of 2 wickets with Anil Beharry scoring 15. The Mafia team will be looking to continue the winning against Braveheart next week.

NYSCL Match Summary
Division IA Premier
Liberty Knights Vs Enterprise

Liberty Knights 218 for 7 wkts
Andrew 57, N. Persaud 35
Barron 2-40, Samwaru and Razack took 1 wkt each
Enterprise 118 all out
R. Barron 41, Razack 16
Brian Manniram 4-22, Andrew 3-18

Braveheart Vs Titans
Titans 141 for 9 wkts
P. Ramkissoon 28, D. Harryhdath 24, I. Karim 23
R. Ganesh 3-32, Bisham 3-40, J. Singh 2-32
Braveheart 113 for 8 wkts
Steve Deodat 25, Anil Dhanraj 24

Untouchable loss Vs Cavaliers
Mafia won Vs Triumph

Division IB
Canal Vs N Y All-Star

N Y All-Star 65 all out
B. Ramcharran 34
D. Umadhan 3-7, P. Hariprashad 3-17
Canal 66 for 1 wkt
P. Hariprashad 28 n/o, I. Mohamed 12

Horizon Vs Nationals
Nationals 204 for 9 wkts
F. Ulla 41, S. Ulla 28, R. Ulla 24
O. Kennedy 4-26, D. Kennedy 2-24, S. Jackson 2-28
Horizon 127 all out
S. Jackson 30, L. Longhorn 16, Junior 12
S. Singh 4-17, F. Ulla 3-24
Wildfire loss Vs Master Blaster
Cotton Field won Vs Ranchers
Wave loss Vs Sunrise
Spartans won Vs Essequibo XI

Division IIA
Better Hope Vs Wakefield

Better Hope 148 all out
C. Rajpaul 45, K. Rajpaul 23
Navin 4-21, Cecil Gunraj 3-23, Darren 2-35
Wakefield 66 all out
Vibert 17, Khan 15
B. sanichar 3-6, C. Rajpaul 3-20
Lions won Vs P M Youth
Braves loss Vs N Y Midrise
Bronx Lion loss Vs P M All-Star

Division IIB
Falcons Vs Cricket International

Cricket International 95 all out
Sunil Persaud 43
V. Ramnarine 4-24, N. Nauratan 3-22
Falcons 96 for 7 wkts
Shilendra 46, Arif 11
S. Persaud 5-25, Mainstry 2-25

Wolfpack Vs Young Brothers
Wolfpack 185 for 9 wkts
W. Asrula 27, R. Brigmohan 22, T. Ram 20, V. Chandrapaul 18
H. Sukdeo 3-29, C. Roopnarine 3-31, T. Dhanraj 2-44
Young Brothers 171 for 9
C. Roopnarine 46, T. Dhanraj 40
G. Wahab 5-28, A. deen 2-26, A. Najeer 2-29

Buccaneers Vs Flashers
Buccaneers 122 all out

Dave 26, Bram 25, Vishal 21
Robin 2-10, R. Dindayal 2-21, Sookwah 2-23
Flashers 124 for 3 wkts
R. Dindayal 55, Randy 22, Punai 20
Chan 3-32
Young West Indian won Vs Young Warriors
Striker’s loss Vs Invaders
Rising Sun won Vs Justin Force
Legends Vs Ravens

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