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Ward Leads Country Boys Pass Liberty Knights

By Ivor Chan
July 16th, 2009
In the second game of New York Softball Cricket League 2009 30 Overs Cup competition in division 1A, Country Boys defeated Liberty Knights by 4 wickets. Liberty Knights won the Toss and elected to bat. Liberty Knights loss their first wicket with the first ball of the game, when Saul tried to heave a ball over the long off boundary. The Knights continued to loose wickets at steady intervals due to accurate bowling from the Country Boys. Except for a valiant 34 runs from Paul Virappen and Andrew 33, in a ninth wicket partnership of 55 runs and Shawn 14 not out helped Liberty Knights to a total of 132 runs in their 30 overs. The pick of the bowlers for Country Boys were Y. Giddings 2 for 32, Derek Edwards 2 for 20 and Ivor Chan 2 for 12.

Country Boys started their innings with Wahid Ward and G. Waithe with both batsmen being cautious as Liberty Knights frontline bowlers bowled accurately. The Knights got their first breakthrough with the score at 22 and 9 overs on the board. This brought some hope to Liberty Knights but Ward was still there batting patiently and at times punishing the bad balls. The game swing in each teams favor but at the end of 15 overs Country Boys were 46 for 3. After loosing their 5th wicket at 62 and 19 overs completed, Ward was joined by G. Dow and the two batsmen proceeded to destroy any hope of a Liberty Knights victory. Ward ( 40 runs not out) and Dow (30 runs) shared in sixth wicket 65 run partnership; Dow innings was highlighted by a massive six over the square leg boundary while Ward treat the crowd to two sixes one over long leg and the other over mid wicket to end the game. The best bowlers for Liberty Knights were Brian Manniram with 1 for 28, Sudesh 2 for 23 and Saul 1 for 10. Score summary: Liberty Knights 132 for 9 in 30 overs, Country Boys 137 for 6 in 29 overs.

Frankie Baichoo

NYSCL Match Summary
Division IA Premier
United Stars Vs Enterprise

United Stars 205 for 8
F. Baichoo 50 n/o, S. Shivraj 33, R. Ivan 31
V. Samwaru 3-34, M. Sukhra 3-31
Enterprise 148 all out
S. Kayoon 50 n/o, M. Sukhra 46
Bobby Pahalad 4-26, R. Ivan 3-22, Bhola Pahalad 3-30

Assassins Vs Untouchables
Untouchables 213 for 8
Andrew Gonsalves 94, A. Gordon 77
G. Chattergoon 3-32, N. Narine 2-31, A. Moonsammy 2-39
Assassins 217 for 4
L. Mohan 98, E. Ellis 34, R. Bisnauth 22
Andrew Gonsalves 2-37, M. Rampersaud and Rovind took 1 wkt each
Hustlers won Vs Mafia
Braveheart loss Vs Cavaliers
Triumph loss Vs Titans

Division IB
Wildfire won Vs Essequibo XI

Canal loss Vs Master Blaster
Cotton Field won Vs N Y All-Star
Horizon won Vs Ranchers
Sheffield won Vs Nationals
Volcano loss Vs Sunrise
Spartans loss Vs Waves

Division IIA
Lions Vs Eagles

Lions 110 all out
D. Ramdhanny 44, A. Singh 23
R. Sukhoo 2-5, S. Singh 2-16, A. Gopaul 2-24
Eagles 111 for 9
R. Durga 45
D. Ramdhanny 3-28, A. Persaud 2-18

Braves Vs P M All-Stars

P M All-Star 176 all out
R. Virapen 37, Haresh 23
Amit 2-25, Kevin 2-27, M. Baksh 2-30, K. Seeperasud 2-34
Braves 89 all out
Avinash 22, Kevin 20
Billy 3-21, Madramotto 3-24, B. Ramdin 2-18

Division IIB
Ravens Vs Rising Sun

Ravens 122 all out
S. Sawh 20, R. Bansi 20
M. Somai 2-12, S. Ramsahai 2-20, S. Goolcharan 2-25, J. Rampersaud 2-27.
Rising Sun 37 all out
M. Somai 11
R. Gafoor 5-6, R. Williams 2-6

Falcons Vs Invaders
Invaders 185 for 8
G. Valladares 46, W. Valladares 25
K. Narine 4-26, Vick 2-29
Falcons 108 all out
Arif 53, C. Baichoo 18
W. Valladares 3-1, R. Bacchus 3-39, Anand 2-25

Legends Vs Cricket Intl

Cricket Intl 120 all out
S. Persaud 29, S. Mohabir 15, R. Motilall 18
Legends 38 all out
V. Williams 4-15, S. Persaud 4-1 (including a hat trick)

Wolfpack Vs Justin Force

Justin Force 170 all out
Dave 61, Mike 21
D. Autar 4-34
Wolfpack 98 all out
Kumar 26
Robin, Dave, Elvis and Mike 2 wickets each.
Young Brothers won Vs Buccaneers
Strikers won Vs Young Warriors

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