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Eagles secure place in Semi-Finals

The Eagles cricket team play an intelligent and determined quarter finals to secure their place in the Semi-Finals of the prestige 30 overs competition. After losing the toss to PM All Stars, they were sent in to field, with a solid but slow start from PM Stars scoring 63 for 3 off their first 15 overs, Eagles toss out some excellent bowling especially from Vishal Singh whose finals figures were 6 overs, 1 maiden 14 for 1. After 30 overs Port Mourtant All- Stars manage to secure a competitive total of 141.

Eagles opening batsmen, Kelvin Gopaul and Steve Sookhoo give a secure start of 55 runs partnerships, a quick 39 coming from Kelvin Gopaul. Eagles always look secure and confident in their batting. Top scorer was Steve Sookhoo, with 41 not out; he batted the entire 26.1 over ensuring Eagles reaching their total of 142 for the loss of only 6 wickets. He was backed up by a quick 29 from his son Romel Sookhoo. In a match that was well played by both teams, Eagles expertise and patience prove to be the winning factors. Final scores Port Mourtant All- Stars, 141 for 8, off 30 overs, Eagles 144 for 6, in 26.1 overs. Eagles are now preparing for the semi-final match which will be play on Sunday August 19, 2009.

NYSCL Other Match Summary
Division IA Premier
United Stars Vs Titans

United Stars 103 all out
G. Sundar 27, S. Shivraj 11, F. Baichoo 11
K. Roopnarine 3-11, A. Haniff 4-19, I Karim 2-30
Titans 91 all out
D. Singh 19, B. Ramkissoon 16, I. Karim 12
F. Baichoo 4-24, R. Ivan 3-7, Bhola Pahalad 2-10
Country Boys loss Vs Cavaliers
Hustlers won Vs Untouchales
Mafia won Vs Liberty Knights

Division IB
Nationals Vs Sunrise

Nationals 169 for 8 wkts
F. Ulla 66, A. Ali 55
D. Basdeo 2-15, Sasenarine 2-16, J. Salim 2-29
Sunrise 114 all out
L. Vasquez 38, Sasenarine 22
S. Singh 3-13, H. Ramkarran 2-9, A. Howard 2-27
Cotton Field won Vs Wildfire
Spartans won Vs Sheffield (game in protest)
Master Blaster won Vs Volcano

Division IIA
Apollo XI Vs Lions

Lions 72 all out
D. Dhanram 39
Mahendra 4-14, Shawn 3-9, Navin 2-4
Apollo XI 73 for 6
Manoj 25, Avinash 13, Johnny 13
D. Lakeram 3-7 (including hat-trick), D. Dhamram, L. Hardial, A. Singh took 1 wkt each

Eagles Vs P M All-Star
P M All-Star 141 for 8
R. Samaroo 35, H. Hulasie 31, B. Ramdin 20
Alvin Gopaul 3-23, R. Gopaul 2-29, S. Singh 2-25
Eagles 144 for 6
S. Sookhoo 41, K. Gopaul 31, R. Sookhoo 29
H. Hulasie 2-28, N. Madramottoo 1-23

Better Hope Vs Wakefield

Wakefield 80 all out
Ravin 25, Khan 15
C. Rajpaul 4-16, K. Rajpaul 2-10, B. Sanichar 2-17
Better Hope 25 for 1 (won by better run rate)
Unpredictable Vs Champions (game in protest)

Division IIB
Wolfpack Vs Young Warriors

Wolfpack 191 all out
Anand Hargobin 42, A. Shazaman 36, G. Wahab 29, D. Autar 23
M. Sasenarine 6-31
Young Warriors 43 all out
T. Ramphal 9
A. Shazaman 4-9, D. Autar 3-15, A. Deen 2-10, W. Asrula 1-1

Strikers Vs Cricket International (game in protest)

Strikers 131 all out
N. Budhram 16, B. Mahadeo 16
S. Persaud 3-18, N. Singh 2-33
Cricket International 132 for 2
N. Singh 72 n/o, M. Mahadeo 41
B. Bhadrasain 1-16
Flashers won Vs Young Brothers
Invader loss Vs Ravens

15 Over Knockout

Division I
Essequibo XI won Vs Ranchers
Canal loss Vs Braveheart
Waves won Vs Horizon
N Y All-Star won Vs Triumph

Division II
Justin Force loss Vs Rising Sun
Braves loss Vs Buccaneers
P M Youth loss Vs Legends
Falcons loss Vs N Y Midrise
Bronx Lions loss Vs Young West Indies
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