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NYSCL Commemorate The Champions

By James Persaud
April 6th, 2009

As I gazed at my television screen in disbelief seeing my beloved West Indies losing the one day series to England in another poor batting display - this made me sick. My sickness, resentment and disappointment was short lived as I soon realized that it was almost time to get ready to attend the New York Softball Cricket League dinner party in honor of the 2009 Florida Cup Champions.

Bobby Pahalad, New York Softball Cricket League president Eric Ferrier and Chris Shobai show-off the prestigious trophy.

In two Sundays from now the New York softball cricket season will kick off, a season that is much anticipated to be the year of who is the best in terms of individual player ability, team’s performance and even who or which is the best league. At least I got this sense from the news media and websites that carry all these great bragging and finesse from the local softball cricket pundits.

If all this hype is to be lived up to, NYSCL at least has a step ahead of the rest and if last evening dinner party for the champions was any indication of what is to be expected this season, I can assure the fans they are in for a bonanza a year of softball cricket. A crowd of a little over one hundred and fifty well wisher, teams’ managers, captains and sponsors came to honor and have a good time with the NYSCL, 2009 Florida Cup Champions and the Master Cup second place teams members.

It was an evening of less talking and more partying as the Master of Ceremony Mr. McAllister began the award ceremony by welcoming everyone and said that is was an honor for him to be part of the NYSCL organization. He spoke about his belief in playing the game within the rules and playing together in building championship teams that could last for many years. He then called upon the NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier, who presented the competition winning proceeds to the players of the Florida Cup.

Some of the guests on the dance floor.

Prior to doing this Mr. Ferrier spoke about the two teams players that represented the league in Florida, he said that the players was selected based on their performances and availability. He continued to say their were many talks and write ups about the league teams, our teams were pick not to even make the second round of the competition, but with a strong commitment from the players and a will to prove to they are the best at their game. They strive not only to be good representatives but with a great togetherness that grew as the competition progress and after three days they were crowned the champions.

Mr. Ferrier thanked everyone who made the tour possible especially the sponsors and said that he is looking forward to another big year for the league and with the league’s Independence Cup competition coming in July be sent out a challenge to the players to make it three straight Inter-State championships for the league.

After the short presentation ceremony the party revelers took to the dance floor and gyrate to the rhythms of DJ Kevin into the early morning hours.

This dinner party was made possible and sponsored by the league’s Executive members with the help of all the other Committees members.

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