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New York Softball Cricket League April 19th Round-Up
Liberty Knights Won The Rematch Against United Star

By James Persaud

April 22nd, 2009
It was another exciting week for NYSCL softball cricket as the old tigers seem to have or are losing their stripes and the young lions continue to roar. For the second week straight Assassins and Braveheart lost, Hustlers, Cavaliers and Country Boys won. The biggest upset for the weekend was the trashing United Stars took from Liberty Knights.

In the middle of the 2007 season Liberty Knights won their division and they made the move to the Premier division. There were many specious ranting from the other teams who had already established themselves in this division. It is only the second week of the season and too soon to tell if Liberty Knights could continue to do as well for the long haul.

But Liberty Knights has to get some credit as they have won against teams that have played superb in the past and defeating these teams show that they has what it takes to win. If Liberty Knights had any chance of success it was surely dependent on their manager Suresh Ramsarran, a small man with a big heart and strong desire to win. Mr. Ramsarran work on improving his team in the off season and it seems as if he has finale find the right mix, putting out a product that smells like all winning glory.

Liberty Knights took their trouncing and kept on ticking, they made the playoffs a few times just to lose in the first round. Last season Bhola Pahalad set a new softball bowling record taking 9 wickets for 14 runs against them.

This past Sunday’s game was like a rematch between these teams and both teams were eager to get started. On a cold windy Sunday mid afternoon, it seemed as if the wind was blowing even more on the United Stars camp, it was quiet as the players bit their nails. Getting to the park at first sight you would think it was the weather but after a quick look at the score book, you would have seen destruction in progress, with United Stars reeling at 5 wickets down for 28 runs.

After United Stars lost their seventh wicket it looked as if getting to fifty runs would be impossible. But a solid fifty runs, eight wicket partnership between G. Persaud 43 not out and Frankie Baichoo with 12 made them see past the three figure mark.

With a score of 115 United Stars knew they were still in the game and hoping for an early break through, but this was not possible as the Liberty Knights batsmen had plans of their own. Amar Singh batting at number two played with patience and very carefully selecting his shots stroking the ball to top score with 44 runs in the game.

Canal Make Easy Work of Cotton Field
Canal continues to dominate their division and made it two wins straight winning easily against Cotton Field. Cotton Field won the toss and asked Canal to bat; the first ball of the game by Kalif was struck to the boundary by David Umadhan. The next ball removed the off stump of Umadhan, in the second over bowled by Ramesh; he had Danny Singh caught driving without scoring. With two new batsmen at the crease Vinod and Hariprashad the two batted with patience knowing that they had to stay and build the innings. Cotton Field was only able to get one more wicket that of Vinod (13) before the break and Canal on 104 runs.

Canal vice-captain Hariprashad struck a brilliant 77 against Cotton Field last Sunday.

Hariprashad was severe on the loose ball and sending them to the boundary as his total raced to 77, with four overs remaining he batted as if looking for a century and went for big shot and was caught on the long on boundary.

The Cotton Field bowlers must be given some credit for restricting the Canal innings to a 167 all out because at one point it looked as if they would have easily got to the two hundred mark.

Cotton Field send Tyrone Singh and Ramesh to open their innings, both batted well especially Singh. Canal was only able to separate the two after seven overs and 42 runs in the book. Once this partnership was broken Rishi Dukhi wrecked the Cotton Field innings taking 5 wickets for 17 runs and ending the game in the nineteenth over and a total of 104 all out.

Young Brothers win against Legends
Sundays game between Young Brothers and Legends. Young Brothers won the toss and ask Legends to take first strike scoring 99 all out in 24.3 overs with B. Kalika getting 32, P. Singh 22 and K. Narinsammy not out10. Bowling for Young Brothers C. Roopnarine took 3-19, V. Gunga 2-12, and T. Dhanraj 2-22.

Young Brothers in reply scored 101for 4 with T. Dhanraj 29 not out and Krishna 20 not out. N. Tiwari 17.
Bowling for Legends B. Bhagrasin grabbed 2-18, K. Narinsammy1-27 and P.Singh1-4.

NYSCL Match Summary
Division IA
United Stars Vs Liberty Knights

United Stars 115 all out
G. Persaud 43 n/o, F. Baichoo 12
S. Persaud 3-21, Andrew 2-17, B. Manniram 2-15, J. Maimdass 2-22
Liberty Knights 116 for 3
Amar Singh 44, P. Virappen 19 n/o, N. Persaud 16
Bhola Pahalad, G. Persaud, R. Ivan took 1 wkt each.

Assassins Vs Hustlers
Hustlers 116 all out
P. Beria 60, Rowe 13, Shawn 12
N. Narine 2-20, A. Singh 2-11, Rickey 2-14
Assassins 87 all out
E. Ellis 28, A. Singh 12, Rickey 11
P. Beria 3-12, K. Shobai 3-24, Ravi 2-15, Shawn 2-18

Cavaliers cricket team with supporters.

Cavaliers Vs Untouchables | Gallery
Untouchables 75 all out
M. Rampersaud 17 n/o, D. Seepersaud 15
M. Persaud 3-14, R. Singh 2-6, G. Persaud, N. Sahadeo, V. Lall took 1 wkt each
Cavaliers 78 for 1
M. Persaud 35 n/o, R. Sahadeo 13, B. Prashad 10 n/o.
D. Seepersaud 1-10

Enterprise Vs Braveheart
Braveheart 119 all out
Anil Dhanraj 24
R. Barron 4-13, M. Sukhra 2-12
Enterprise 123 for 3
M. Sukhra 54 n/o, R. Barron 29 n/o
K. Deodat 2-50, S. Deodat 1-19

Triumph Vs Country Boys
Country Boys 166 for 9
G. Dow 37, Y. Giddings 20, A. Towler 17, D. Edwards 16
B. Deopaul 2-13, L. Mangra 2-23, Kenny 2-28
Triumph 134 for 7
Vishnu 39, B. Deopaul 19, R. Murray 17
Chance 4-22, A. Towler 1-19, A. Jerrick 1-27

Division IB
Wildfire Vs N Y All-Stars

Wildfire 226 for 6
C. Singh 67n/o, V. Singh 24, S. Ractoo 21
N. Joseph 2-20, S. Dharanpaul 2-32
New York All-Stars 118 all out
J. Khan 22, N. DaSilva 19
L. Singh 3-14, V. Singh 3-19, A. Khan 2-24

Canal Vs Cotton Field
Canal 167 all out
P. Hariprashad 77, N. Persaud 22
Harold 3-15, Kalif 2-21,
Cotton Field 104 all out
Ramesh 27, T. Singh 26, Shane 16
R. Dukhi 5-17, D. Singh 2-12, Hariprashad, Shameer, D. Umadhan 1 wkt each.

Spartans Vs Sunrise
Spartans 163 for 8
Z. Hamid 22, A. Mohamed 62, R. Rafeek 14
K. Sital 2-23, L. Vasquez 2-39, D. Basdeo 1-10, J. Salim 1-30
Sunrise 141 all out
D. Basdeo 57, S. Lloyd 18, S. Cheong 17
S. Khan 3-28, E. Latchman 3-18, C. Ramlochan 2-26

Titans Vs Master Blaster
Master Blaster won

Division IIA
Lions Vs Eagles

Eagles 93 all out
R. Singh 26, R. Rampersaud 17
Lions 69 all out
V. Singh, R. Durga took 4 wkts each

Unpredictable Vs Volcano
Volcano won

Better Hope Vs N Y Midrise
Better Hope 72 all out
J. Aproo 20, M. Mahabir 14, C. Singh 14
K. Persaud 4-12
N Y Midrise 74 for 0
K. Persaud 42 n/o, R. Kowlessar 18 n/o

Essequibo XI Vs Waves
Essequibo XI 132 for 9
C. Holder 43 n/o, W. Blackman 30
Bisram, R. Rishudeo, D. Mangal, K. Lilkumar took 1 wkt each
Waves 137 for 5
Bisram 46, Alvin 17, D. Mangal 13
C. Holder 4-28, C. Johnson 1-17

Apollo XI Vs Wakefield
Apollo XI 91 all out
Mahendra 32, Omesh 10
Wakefield 52 all out

Rebels Vs P M All-Stars
P M All-Stars won

Division IIB
Champions Vs Rising Sun

Rising Sun 81 all out
R. Chris 32, Jerry 19
R. Rajkumar 3-17
Champions 84 for 5
M. Boodhoo 43 n/o, J. Stewart 18 n/o
S. Goolcharan 3-12, Jerry 2-12

Strikers Vs Invaders

Strikers won

Young Brothers Vs Legends
Legends 99 all out
B. Kalika 32, P. Singh 22
C. Roopnarine 3-19, V. Gunga 2-12, T. Dhanraj 2-22
Young Brothers 101 for 4
T. Dhanraj 29 n/o and Krishna 20 n/o, N. Tiwari 17
B. Bhagrasin 2-18, P. Singh and K. Narinsammy 1 wkt each

Wolf Pack Vs Young West Indies
Young West Indies 84 all out
Danny 24, Alan 14
D. Autar 2-16, G. Wahab 2-20, A. Deen 4-12
Wolf pack 86 for 9
T. Ram 17, A. Deen 25 n/o, G. Wahab 18
I. Farrouk, R. Williams, Suresh 2 wkts each

Cricket International Vs Buccaneers
Buccaneers 193 for 3
Vishnu 66 n/o, Dave 37 n/o, Boysie 23
S. Mahabir, William, K. Mahadeo took 1 wkt each
Cricket Intl 194 for 7
R. Motilall 44 n/o, S. Mohabir 29, S. Samaroo 23
Chand, Omesh, Vishnu, Mahendra, Boysie took 1 wkt each

Falcons Vs Justin Force
Justin Force won

Ravens Vs Flashers
Ravens 107 all out
R. Williams 47, S. Behari 20
Damin 3-14, Vickram 3-30
Flashers100 all out
Kumar 15, S. Rajiv 15, Rishi 11, Avinash 11
S. Behari 3-12, S. Harichand 3-24, R. Williams 2-8

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