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Zaheer Saffie (top), Zaheer Sadloo below.

Photos by Shiek Mohamed
Eastern American Cricket Association
August 16th Results

Saffie Star As Richmond Hill Win
Richmond Hill vs Rising Star
Innings of Rising Star 162 all out of 36.1 overs:
Regis Burton 21, Asgar Qureshi 23, Manoj Sirju 53, Rasheem James 11, Rickey Kisson 10 not out.
Bowling for Richmond Hill: Telston Johnson 8-1-34-2, Latchman Udai 3-0-17-1, Dharamdeo Gayadeen 5-0-22-0, Kerk Higgins 7-1-38-1, Shameer Sadloo 7.1-0-34-4, Zaheer Saffie 6-1-17-2
Innings of Richmond Hill 166 for the lost of 6 wickets: Zaheer Saffie 103 not out, Sunesh Wazid 19
Bowling for Rising Star: Yogindra Dass 8-1-20-0, Rashid Afzal 8-0-41-4, Manoj Sirju 4.4-0-35-0, Mohan Kissoon 1-0-7-0, Rasheem James 5-0-30-0, Ricky Kissoon 6-0-25-0

Sadloo Shine With The Ball
East Bank vs Meten-Meer-Zorg
Innings of Meten-Meer-Zorg 132 all out off 40 overs:
Azrudeen Mohamed 38, Ejaz Asgarally 13, Z. Majeed 10, Ken Nandkumar 14, R. Ramnarine 21
Bowling for East Bank: D. McDonald 6-0-22-0, I. Khan 4-0-21-0, F. Sooknandan 8-2-20-2, K. Nandalall 8-3-12-1, Z. Sadloo 8-2-18-5, S. Thompson 6-0-32-0
Innings of East Bank 133 for 7 off 38 overs: Debo Sankar 16, Prashad Mahadeo 30, Sean Thompson 39 not out
Bowling for Meten-Meer-Zorg: R. Kowchar 8-1-18-2, A. Syeed 8-1-25-1, S. Gandhi 8-0-35-0, A. Mohamed 8-0-28-1, N. Patel 4-0-20-3, Z. Majeed 3-0-8-0
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