Sandy And Ralph Bowl Atlantis To Victory

Colin Sandy

Atlantis Cricket Club - NY versus Breakaway Sports Club

Atlantis won and decided to bat scoring 253 for 6 wickets: Harry Thompson 45, Pradeep Roopchand 42, Swanston Benjamin 21 and Lincoln Deonarine 65

Breakaway bowling: K. Ragoonath 5.3-0-47-3, G. Stafford 8-0-65-0, T. Singh 5-1-39-1, S. Kahlid 4-0-34-1, A. Mohamed 3-0-35-0, Y. Budhoo 4-0-26-0
Breakaway in reply scored 117 all out: Y. Budhoo 9, Thakur Singh 45 and J. Jainauth 9
Atlantis bowling: L. Deonarine 4-0-12-0, R. Ralph R 6-0-28-3, C. Mendonca 5-0-17-0, D. Evelyn 8-0-29-1, C. Sandy 7-0-27-4, S. Benjamin 1.1-0-1-2

Enmore Secure Easy Win Over Trini Boyz

Enmore won the toss and decide to field.
Trini Boyz taking first strike was bowled out for 121 off 30.3 Overs.

Anil Seebarran

Trini Boyz batting: K. Ramrattan 32, K. Roopnarine 22, D. Badassi 20 not out
Enmore Bowling: A. Seebarran 8-1-21-2, J. Persaud 5.3-0-33-1, B. Datt 8-0-24-1, I. Ali 6-0-36-1, S. Shivnarine 3-0-4-2
Enmore Batting: S. Mohammed 31, I. Ali 22, A. Seebarran 21, N. Mohammed 22 not out
Trini Boyz bowling: C. Dawkins 7-0-30-1, A. Roopnarine 8-0-36-2, K. Roopnarine 4-0 26-0, D. Badassi 3.5-0-25-2, I. Sealey 1-0-4-0

Richmond Hill Defeats Hillside By 8 Wickets

Game: Hillside vs Richmond Hill

Tamesh Balwant

Hillside batting 175 all out: Saeed Allie 54, N. Juman 38 and N. Stanford 24
Bowling for Richmond Hill: Wayne Isaacs 6-0-25-1, Latchman Udai 8-1-31-4, Surendra Naul 2-0-16-0, Shiv Raghubar 8-2-24-1, Shameer Sadloo 7.5-0-40-0, Zaheer Saffie 8-0-36-3
Richmond Hill in reply made 177 for the loss of 2 wickets off 34 over: M. Yussuf 38, Tamesh Balwant 86 not out and Zaheer Saffie 31 not out
Hillside bowling: S Allie 4-0-20-1, A Sharzad 2-0-35-0, N Standford 4-0-17-0, A Hasledar 8-0-39-0, J Jeetu 8-0-34-0, M Sandiford 8-1-32-1

Harper Capture Five As East Bank Win

Bayshore won the toss elected to take first strike. They could only muster 86 all out in 28 overs. S. Carter 19 and Babar Zia 15, were only batsmen to show some resistance.

Troy Harper

Troy Harper had a Impressive spell 8-1-25-5 and was well backed up by veteran D. Kallicharran 7-4-5-3, and T. Johnson 6.3-0-21-2.

In reply East Bank coast home to 88 in 10 overs without loss. Debo Sankar 42 not out & Zaheer Sadloo 27 not out.

Everest/ACS Gain Win Over East Side Warriors
Game: Everest/ACS vs East Side Warriors
Result: Everest/ACS won by 8 Wickets
East Side Warriors 99 all out: M. Sajjad 25, Usman 33.
Bowling for Everest/ACS: D Umadan7-0-11-2, T Walke 7-2-11-2, Z Amin 7-2-9-2, T Hastoo 7-0-44-1, K Ganesh 2-0-6-1, A Khan 1.4-0-16-2
Everest/ACS in reply scored 101 for the lost of two wickets: A. Khan 30, R. Sookdeo 19
Bowling for East Side Warriors: Istiag 6-0-33-0, Sabeeh Rafique 5-0-21-0, Kasif 3-0-16-2, Ahson 1-0-12-0, A Alvi 1.4-0-8-0, S Alvi 1-0-7-0

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