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A Memorial Victory for Cosmos

By S. Ali
June 9th, 2009
(Celebrating 28 Anniversary)-
The new look Lowell ”Slim” Sutherland Cup glitters in Cosmos’ camp as they raised it for a record 18th time against West Indian Social Club (WISC) at Keney Park, Connecticut on the extended Memorial Day weekend.

Cosmos’ 29 member strong touring party reveled in every moment of the weekend filled with activities. The friendly encounter on Saturday saw some sparks from the bat of Cosmos’ teenage opening batsman sensation, Keddy Lesporis, accompanied by the solid defense of Neville Flowers. Melroy Kingston soon replaced Flowers before retiring after scoring an explosive 36 just before the match was interrupted by late afternoon showers.

Nevile Flowers, Shadi Khan, Harold Joseph and Austin Hutchinson.

The championship twenty/20 game on Sunday attracted the usual large crowd to cheer a reinforced WISC team. Cosmos was up for the challenge. Sham Ali and George Adams conceded a mere ten runs off just six overs to put WISC on the back foot early on. Melroy Kingston’s 4 for 15 along with former Trinidad & Tobago leg-spinner, Harold Joseph then bundled out the opposition for just 96 runs.

Cosmos, as they have done on so many occasions in Keney Park, then entertained the crowd with some exciting cricket. WISC captain Kevin Baugh could not find an answer to George Adams’ blitz with the willow. Adams cracked 4 towering sixes and 6 fours in a breezy 74 to secure for his team a resounding nine-wicket victory in just 12 overs.

The presentation ceremony at the WISC club, built by “Slim” Sutherland, echoed decades of friendship coming live on this weekend. A dedicated, sometimes lone soldier, Carol Grayson along with a few others were awarded for their service while Cosmos honored three former national cricketers, Harold Joseph, Dixeth Palmer and Ashmul Ali for their dedication and outstanding service to the game.

On this 2009 renewal, the original four-pronged trophy, which bore most of the weight of the Cup literally on one leg for so many years, would be retired. The new Cup, sponsored by Cricket Zone & Trophy World, now glittered in all its glory as it stood tall in the background taking its own rightful place in history.

It was indeed another memorable weekend of cricket as Cosmos’ manager, Shadi Khan, stated in his sentimental address, “this is what this weekend and Cosmos is all about, keeping a legacy alive, honoring those who have contributed and playing the game in its true spirit while enjoying it all the way.”

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