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Unbeaten Ton Of Rain Halts Cosmos/Progressive Showdown

By S. Ali
Aug. 5th, 2009

(Celebrating 28th Anniversary) - The covers were rolled beyond the boundary lines, the matting firmly stretched and the stumps were up and a spanking looking Floyd Bennett outfield waited for some action. What drove cricketers to the cricket ground on this day was much more than the MCL Round Robin final between arguably the two best teams in the League. It was camaraderie that has been built through the love for cricket and the faint hope that if there was a turn in the weather, a good competitive match-up on paper would have been on tap.

Cosmos players and support take cover from the downpour last Sunday.

The umpires requested the declaration of both teams from captains amidst heavy rain clouds hovering ominously around and dancing along with a gentle breeze across the well-prepared, heavily rolled and neatly cut grass. The rain seemed to have been waiting for the toss to be spun as in the distance both teams got there final knocks in and geared to go to battle. Cosmos manager Shadi Khan was busy setting up refreshments while the normally smiling Progressive manager Jeff James was intently focused as he rallied his troops in preparation for battle. The rumbling thunder left the commentators Carl Bennett and Lenny Achaibar surveying the threatening conditions contemplating the necessity for use of their equipment. “You will bat first’” said Progressive captain Keville George, shortly after winning the toss.

The umpires stood warily on the boundary edge as spots of drizzle started to make impressions of some type of artistry on their smart-looking white coats, complete with starched white shirts and neck ties. The drizzle steadily grew into a downpour. Soon it would be coming down in torrents as the seconds passed by.

As Cosmos captain Dixieth Palmer approached his boys, Melroy Kingston remarked, “no need for any announcement skip.” Cosmos had already scored a few refreshing boundaries under the shelter of Cosmos' makeshift clubhouse. Cosmos’ Donald Bennett displayed two trays of fish along with a few additions on the table and all were welcomed. Hurry guys before it’s done or rather before the rain comes down. A wave from the umpires was intended to summon the two captains for an update. Gentlemen there are no reasons to start this match under these conditions.

While Mr. Nathan Henderson wrestled with the thought of how to get the boys out of the makeshift clubhouse in order to safely secure all the equipment. Anyway, all are expected make a follow up appearance next Sunday for the eagerly awaited Final match-up. For now though, the grass looked like it was getting greener by the minute, however, all the hype surrounding the highly anticipated match-up between the MCL’s two best teams turned out to be a great day for the ducks.

Cosmos will play Progressive at Floyd Bennett next Sunday in the MCL Round-Robin Final.
In celebration of the club’s 28th anniversary, Cosmos has dedicated the 2009 season as its inaugural benefit year for a prominent contributor to its illustrious past. This year’s honoree will be team manager Shadi Khan. The inaugural celebration is scheduled for Saturday, Sept 13, 2009 @ 11am at Floyd Bennett Field. All are invited.
Carl Bennett also contributed to this article.

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