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Commonwealth Cricket League Celebrates A Successful Year

May 1st, 2009
The Commonwealth Cricket League celebrated their 28th Annual Presentation Function last Saturday night at the elegant Naresa Palace in Richmond Hill, Queens. (Gallery)

There were many, many awards, trophies and prizes for the numerous recipients who were in attendance.
The CCL had 66 teams in 2008 which was divided into 8 Divisions.

The categories for individual prizes included:
B atsmen with over 500 runs
Bowlers with 6 or more wickets in an innings
Bowlers with 30 or more wickets.
72 proud players collected their prizes along with 44 teams.

Some of the outstanding achievers included:
Vijay Seonarine - Bachan CC: 2 centuries
Ahmed - India 11 CC: 2 double centuries and 852 runs total.
Nasir Butt - Pak Punjab CC: 2 centuries, one 6-wicket haul and 37 wickets.
Bhim George - Viturn CC: 2 centuries
Wayne Gillemore - Sussex CC: 2 centuries
Azeem Khan - Scorpions CC: 2 centuries

Bachan CC were the Champions of the Premier Division having defeated a strong Pak America team which included USA fast bowler Wahab.

Other winnings team included the Renegades CC, Spring Valley, Sportsman, Sussex, Kings Men, Power, Lions, Universal, GS 43, Panthers, Mavericks, NY Tigers, National, Static, Mumbai Express, Millenium, Demolition, Horizon, Pak Punjab, Worldwide, Majestics.

The ceremony was well attended by more than 400 people.

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