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Commonwealth Cricket League Scores for May 31, 2009

Centurions Of this week
Mickey Sewdial 123 not out From 7 Star
Wasiq 100 From Paki-Pride
Ryan 100 from Galaxy
Krishna Harricharan 111 not out from Galaxy
Dave Harbajan 132 not out from Universal

NY Tigers vs Pak-America at Flushing Won by Pak-America
NY Tigers batting 1st scored 168 all out in 33.1 overs. Faisal scored 34 along with Fahim who scored 31. in reply Pak-America reached there target 22.4 overs for lose of 4 wickets. Yasir scored 51 runs and Hunain added 29 along with Abid’s 18 not out.

NY Storms vs 11 Stars Won by 11 Stars
NY Storm batted first and scored 112 all out. Katheesh scored 21 runs, Gration 19 runs and Jith scored 21 runs. In reply 11 Stars reached there total with only 1 wicket lose. Honey ecored 56 and Akash added 39 runs to the total.

Mike Sewdial of 7 Star CC hit an unbeaten 123 against Renegades.

Renegades vs 7 Star CC at Whitestone Won by 7 Star CC
Renegades scored 192 for 7 batting 1st in 35 overs. Nissanka 40.
7 Star reached there target of 193 for 2 wickets in 30 overs. Mickey Sewdial scored a fantastic century. He was 123 not out in 30 overs bowled by Renegades.
Pasban vs Static Won by Pasban
After winning the toss pasPan decided to bat first scored 214 for 8 in 35 overs
Hamad scored 25, Naveed scored his second fifty in a row with his 58, Haroon 47.
Static in replied only reached the score 170.and lost all there wickets. Jamshed from Pasban took 3 wickets for 24, Tahir 2 for 29, 2 for 37, and Naveed 2 for 6.

Elite vs Friends Won by Friends
Elite bated first and made 152 all out
Friends Made 153 for 9 wickets.

Woodside Willows vs Kings XI at Van Cortlandt Park won by Kings 11
Woodside Willows batted first and scored 132 all out in 28.2 overs. Abhishek Pitti scored 30 runs Mani from King’s 11 took 4 wickets for 16 runs. Kings XI scored 135 for 2 in 13.1 overs. Binder scored 56 and Saad scored 23 runs not out. Kushagra Tiwari took 2 for 25.

Demolition vs Sussex at Soundview Won by Demolition
Demolition win the toss and take first strike. Demolition score 195 all out R.Narain made 33 and D. Madramuthu made 33. Sussex in reply made 162 all out. J.Asgar took 4 wickets and O. Subryan took 2.

Worldwide vs Vipers at flushing won by Worldwide
Worldwide won the toss and elected to bat. Worldwide 214 for 5 wickets in 30 Overs Rohin from Worldwide scored 69. Vipers 172-All Out in 24.5 Overs. Rohin and Mani from Worldwide took 3 wickets each.

Panthers vs Survivors at Flushing Won by Panthers
Survivors batting first reach the total of 104 for all there wickets. Mustafa from Panthers cricket club took 3 wickets, Farrukh and Waheed took 2 wickets each. In reply Panthers reached there target of 105 in 16 overs for lose of two wickets. Mohit scored 27 not out along with Mohsin 23 not out. Sameer and Umar scored 18 and 17 runs. Sahil from Survivors took both of the wickets and only gave 11 runs in 3 overs he bowled.

Horizon vs Cavaliers won by Horizon
Horizon loss the toss and was sent in to bat. Horizon piled huge total of 314 for lose of 7 wickets in 30 overs. Soeneine score 94 runs, Jay 42 and Anil reached 29. Cavaliers only managed to reach 107 for 10 in 22 overs. Evlyn scored 27 and Nurse was able scored 23 runs, Harry took 3 wickets and gave 13 runs in 6 overs. Dara 2 for 18 Partab 1 for 15.

GS 43 vs Powars at B 32 won by Power
Batting 1st Powers scored 176 all out. Slorent took 3 wickets and Alvin took one wicket. In reply GS 43 were 2 runs short of there target of 177 runs. They scored there 175 runs for lose of 6 wickets in given overs. Alvin scored 33 runs and Slorent also scored 33 runs.

IndoPak CC (Stickers) vs Columbia CC at VCP1. Won by IndoPak
IndoPak won the toss and elected to Bat and scored 190 runs for 7 wicket in 30 overs. Shahbaz scored 56, mohsin scored 49 and Sarmad scored 50. Columbia in reply were all out for 132 runs in 25.1 overs. Sharath scrored 30 and Siva scored 23. Asad took 3 wickets fro 21 runs and Shahbaz took 2 wickets for 18 runs. Sarmad took 2 wicket for 18.

Spartans vs. Paki Pride won by Spartans
Paki Pride batted first and scored 216 for 9 in 30 overs. Wasiq scored his century Umar helped him with 30 in reaching 216 in 30 overs. In reply Spartans were able to reach there total without much problem. They only lost 5 wickets and reached the total with 8 balls remaining. Adnan scored 47 and Saad scored 43 runs.

Regal vs Majestics Won By Regal
Regal batted first and scored 130 runs in there 30 overs. K.Khan made 42 runs with Jerry’s 23 Not Out. In reply Majestic’s batting order was washed out for only 53 runs. Sham took three wickets for 11 runs, Jerry took 3 for 9 runs, Vishnu took 3 wickets for 13 runs.

NYCCC VS Kingsmen won by Kingsmen
NYCCC batting first scored 120 runs in 24 overs and they lost all of there wickets. Prav scored 34 runs and Ashvin 25 runs. Kingsmen in reply reached there total of 121 in 16 overs for lose of 8 wickets. Butler scored 36 runs from Kingsmen.

Galaxy Vs Islanders won by Galaxy
Galaxy batting 1st score 240 runs for 2 wickets in 24 overs. Ryan scored 100 and Udesh was 88 runs not out. Islanders were only able to score 163 runs and lost all of there wickets. Manoj took 3 wickets and Udesh took 3 wickets.

Galaxy VS Bronx All Star Won by Galaxy
Galaxy batting 1st scored 259 runs for 6 wickets. Krishna Harricharan scored 111 retired and Ryan scored 61 runs. In reply Bronx All Stars were only able to score 138 runs and they were all out. Udesh took 4 wickets in 5 overs.

Mavericks vs Sportsmen at Poughkeepsie Won by Sportsmen
Mavericks batted first and scored 178 for 7 wickets. Arif Uzzaman scored 77 runs.
Sportsman replied with 179 for 1 wicket in 28.1 overs.

Hicksville vs. Pak Punjab at Hechsher won by Hicksville
Hicksville won the toss and elected to bat first and made 177 for 8: Asim scored 82 not out and Qasim scored 23. Imran took 4 for 29 runs also Ehtasham took 2 wickets for 22. Pak Punjab responded with 162 all out: Iqbal scored 29 and Adnan scored 29 runs. Mubasher took 3 for 35, Bilal took 2 for 37 runs, Shahrukh took 2 wickets for 7.

Universal vs Rising Star at Alley Pond Won by Universal
Universal won the toss and batted first and posted 228 runs for 7 wickets in 35 overs.  Innings was lead by Dave Harbajan knocking 132 not out, making this his second century in two consecutive games. and Mike Bangali scoring 22 not out. In reply Rising Star posted 164 all out in 30 overs. Leading scorer was T. Basit 43. The bowling of Shree Harbajan of Universal was too much for Rising Star picking up 4 wickets in 5 overs.

New Star vs Yonker Eagles at Hecksher Park Won by Yonkers Eagle
New Star cricket club won the toss and scored 121 runs all out 29.3 overs. waheed akhtar scored 69 runs. Yonkers Eagles Chased the total in 29 Overs with loss of 7 wickets. Top Scorers for yonkers eagles was Fayaz who scored 54. Ali scored 32. Top wicket takers for yonkers eagles was usman who took 4 for 12 runs. Millenium vs Mumbai Xpress Won by Mumbai Express
Millennium batting first scored 210 runs in 35 overs. Thomas scored 68 and Anish 21. Nihar gave 48 runs for 4 wickets and Nehal gave 36 runs for 3 wickets
Mumbai Xpress scored 211 runs for 7 in 34.5 overs. Puneet scored 37. Amit and Nehal scored 38 and 33 not out.

Pak Stallions vs Ocean 11 at cunningham park Won by Pak Stallions
Batting 1st Ocean 11 scored 126 runs in 34 overs before they lost all of there wickets. Binda scored 22 runs. Ricky and Jatindra scored 115 and 17 runs. In reply, Pak Stallions reached there target in 26 overs with 1 wicket to spare. Muhammad Irfan scored 33 runs and took 3 wickets. Lions vs NY Eagles Won by Lions
N.Y Eagles batting 1st scored 197 off 29.5 overs. A. Kumur took 4 wickets for 30 and G. Thakur took 3 wickets for 28. In reply Lions scored there total of 199 for 6 wickets. C. Deola scored 48, G. Thakur scored 42 and F. Khan scored 31.

Super Champs vs Brooklyn star
Brooklyn Star won the toss and elected to bat first. They posted total of 204 runs in 25 overs. Super Champs came very close to there target and scored 190 runs for lose of 9 wickets. Vickey helped his team with 35 runs along with Jassi’s 31. National vs Bachan at Kissena Won by Bachan
National batted first scoring 131 all out in 32 overs. In reply Bachan scored there target of 132 for lose of 5 wickets in 21 overs. B. Somai 45 runs.

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