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Match Results For May 16 and May 17

Spartan vs 11 Stars at Whitestone 2
Spartan batted first and scored 165 in 27 overs all out. 11 stars out scored Spartans in 22 overs for 6 wickets with run rate over 7.4. Jonny, Sanjeev and Kali were the ones who kept the run rate at such high levels by scoring 44, 31, 30 respectively.

Melbourne vs Demolition
Melbourne win the toss and batted first and score 160 all out.
Demolition score 161 for 5 in 31 overs, with Rickey Sheik scored 47, Mark Balgobin 25 and Doroo Madramuttoo 25. Bowling for Demolition Oliver Subryan 3 and 2 apiece wickets goes to Rickey Sheik, Mark Balgobin and Duroo Madramutto.

Elite vs Brooklyn Stars at Stables
Brooklyn Stars Bated first and Score 117 in 24.3 overs.
Elite made 117 in 16.3 overs with 4 wickets wickets remaining.
Shammi 44. Sandeep 32, Manish 26*

Kings XI vs. Survivors

Survivors won the toss and elected to bat 1st and scored 174 runs all out in 35 overs. Sumeet and Sam from Kings XI took 2 wickets each.
Bating second the Kings XI reached there target of 175 runs in 32.1 overs with one wicket to spare. Sameet Again from Kings XI outperformed and scored 38 runs not out and Malkiat supported Sameet with his 25 runs not out.

Millenium Cc Vs Woodside At Cunningham Park Won By Woodside Willows
Woodside Willows Batted First And Scored 119 All Out In 25.2 Overs.
Kushagra Tiwari From Woodside Scored 24 Runs.
Millenium Cc 79 All Out In 16.2 Overs. Abhishek Jha 6 Wickets For 21 Runs.

GS 43 Verses Nycc At B 32, Won By GS 43
GS 43 Batted First Score 267 Runs.
Ramraj Besham Scored 156, Gopal Sharma 4 Wickets For 29 Runs.
NYCC All Out For 121
Milind 31, Zubair = 28

New York Eagles Vs Worldwide At Cunningham Park Won By Worldwide
New York Eagles Batted First And Scored 141 In 29.1 Overs.
Kamal 3 For 24
Worldwide 145 For 3 In 21 Over
Dinesh 61 Not Out, Kamal 37

Seven Star Vs Bachan At Whitestone 1 Won By Seven Stars
Bachan Batted First And Scored 187 Runs In 30 Overs.
R. Somai 62 Runs, H. Harrinarine 3wkts For 18runs
Seven Star Replied With 188 In 29.5 Overs
S. Sawh 44 Runs, R. Salim 37 Runs

Syed, captain of NY Tigers, waiting to take strike against Sportsman CC last Sunday in Poughkeepsie.

Sportsmen Vs. NY Tigers At Poughkeepsie  Won By NY Tiger
Tigers Batted First Scored 185/9 In 35 Overs
Faisal Razaq 61, Syed 42
Sportsman In Reply Scored 95/10 In 24.3 Overs
Faheem Took 2 Wkts, Khurram Took 2 And Faisal Razaq Took 2.

Renegades Vs Kingsmen At Stables Won By Renegades
Renegades Cc 249 For 8 In 30 Overs
Danny Pooran 71 And Hat-Trick, Denesh Ramgahan 72
Kingsmen 212 All Out

Super Champs Vs Panthers At Kessena 2 Won By Panthers
Panthers Batting First Scored 127/All Out
Waheed Scored 35 Sameer 17
Super Champs All Out For 63 Runs
Waheed 4 For 12, Baber 3 For 15

Pasban Vs Hicksville At Hecksher Won By Pasban
Pasban 158/9 In 25
Hicksville 72 All Out
Bilal 5 Wickets

Yonkers Eagles Vs Statics At VC Park Won By Yonkers Eagles
Yonkers Eagles Batted First And Scored 209 In 30 Overs.
Ali Scored 82 Fayaz 82
Statics Scored 170 With Loss Of 8 Wickets In 30 Overs.
Fayaz 3 Wickets, Adnan 2wickets

Columbia Against Horizon At VCP1 Won By Columbia
Horizon Batted First Scored156/10 In 29.4 Overs.
Ray 2/20 In 6 Over, Arvind 3/6 In 2.4 Overs
Columbia Made 161/3 In 25.5 Overs. Ray 58 N.O, Arvind 35,

New Star Cricket Club Vs Islanderz At Hecksher Won By NYCC
Islanders 95 Runs All Out
Qasim From Islanderz 51 Runs, Abduallah From NYCC 6 Wickets 15 Runs
New Star Cricket Club 96 Runs For 3 In 15 Overs
Waheed 59 Runs Not Out Abduallah 18 Runs Not Out

NY Storms Vs Mumbai Xpress Cunningham 2 Won By Ny Storms
NY Storms Batting First Scored 112 Runs In 25 Overs All Out
Vishut 5 Wickets Maulik 2 Wickets
Mumbai Xpress Scored 110 Run In 24 Overs All Out
Kartik 27 Runs, Yash 16 Runs, Maulik 16 Runs

Challengers Vs Power Won By Challengers
Challengers Batted First And Made 176 All Out In 28 Overs.
Ahmed Gulzar Was The Highest Score With 88.
In Reply Power Were Bowled Out For 135.
Obaid Qureshi 5 For 30 In 6 Overs. Gambhir Took 3/20 And Syed 1/26

Paki Pride Vs National Played At Kissena 1 Won By Paki Pride.
National Batted First And Scored 150 For 8.
Wasiq Ali Took 2 Wickets.Musddir Took 3, Adan Took 2
Paki Pride 151 For 5.
Wasiq 38 Runs Not Out. Sufan 45 Were The Top-Scorers.

Kings XI Vs. Survivors Won By Kings XI
Survivors - 174 All Out In 35 Overs
Sumeet - 2 Wickets, Sam - 2 Wickets
Kings XI - 175/9 In 32.1 Overs.
Sumeet - 38 Runs Not Out, Malkiat - 25 Runs

Lions Vs Pak Stallions At VCP Won By Lions
Pak Stallions 166 For 9 Off 30 Overs
N. Singh 3 For 23 And A. Kumar 3 For 13
Lions 168 For 4 Off 26.4 Overs
R. Somnarain 40; A. Kumur 40* And G. Thakur 33

Scorpions Vs Mavericks At Van Cortlandt Park Won By Scorpions.
Scorpions Scored 253 For 7 In 35 Overs.
Mavericks Replied With 189 For 9 In 31 Overs (Reduced Due To Delay).
Morshed Alam 86 Runs (Not Out). Nasir 3 Wickets

Galaxy-Vs-Madras At Soundview Won By Galaxy
Galaxy Batted 1st  Scored179-5
Ryan 92,Udesh 20
Madras Replay 166 All Out
Allan 61.

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