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What About The U.S. In Stanford Cup 2007?

By Orin Davidson

Now that the United States senior cricket team has announced its return as a heavyweight in the Americas Region, it is now a fine opportunity for the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) to capitalize by killing two birds with one stone.

Before leaving for the Americas Cup two weeks ago, no one knew what to expect from the new look side senior team with a new captain.

Now with a second place finish after being denied the championship title by rain everyone knows we have a strong team which can only get better by virtue of his youth and talent.

According to team captain Steve Massiah, International Cricket Council (ICC) officials were highly impressed with their two victories and another denied by rain over eventual champions Bermuda.

It means the team has now earned a great of respect by not only the world ruling body, but also from the authorities in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands and by extension their senior cousins from the West Indian Islands.

As a result, the USACA authorities now has a product it could use to its benefit with help from the ICC and give its players much needed international exposure. As is done in other sports disciplines USACA could raise much needed finance by arranging competitions with other countries for games outside of those under the ICC’s jurisdiction.

Our national ruling body could resuscitate its annual series with Canada that should realize healthy returns from gate money, sponsorship and possibly television rights.

Cricket exposure on Canadian TV is big business these days with the emergence of the CBN cable channel dedicated specifically for competitions around the world.

Surely a series hyped by the authorities in both countries could be attractive for that channel in a country that has no known rivalry with America even in the disciplines that drive the fans nuts like baseball, football and basketball.

Outside of Canada, other well off countries in America’s league like Scotland, the United Arab Emirate and Wales, could be approached for similar ventures with the influence of the ICC.

Even more ambitiously, USACA could make approaches to Allen Stanford to have the U.S. team compete in the multi-million dollar Stanford Cup that is now known will continue next year.

Although our national team has not yet played in any 20/20 games, the experience in the game’s newest innovation is not alien to the majority of our players.

Apart from Lennox Cush who was part of the current Stanford champions Guyana squad, most of the other players would’ve been exposed to 20/20 competition in their respective cities.

In New York the Ahmad Caribbean Cup 20/20 series is growing in popularity since being introduced this year where Massiah and his Big Apple teammates are now versed in its requirements.

And with the huge monetary benefits the participating countries receive from Stanford, this is an opportunity USACA should grab with both hands.

Without a doubt many more countries out there are angling to get in on the 2007 series, but America has an advantage because Stanford is American.

Certainly, nothing would be more pleasing to the Texan billionaire than to have the Stars and Stripes uniform on display in Antigua.
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