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Teams Vying For Final Pole Positions 2020

By John L. Aaron

The Eastern American Cricket Associations 2006 Twenty/20 final is scheduled for Sunday, October 1, 2006 at Idlewild Park in Rosedale, Queens. However, getting there must be on the minds of a few teams, as it is the last remaining championship of the EACA 2006 season.

This weekend’s games will make the finals picture a bit clearer, as the top teams jockey for semi-final and final berths.

The following is the present position of the teams expected to be hovering at the finals big dance, and depending on the outcome of the remaining games scheduled.

Canal No. 2 Polder with a 2-0 record takes on 1-1 Richmond Hill at Baisley Pond Park @ 11:00 am. Should Canal lose to 1-1 Richmond Hill and 1-1 NY Challengers defeat 0-2 East Side Warriors, resulting in Canal tying in wins with NY Challengers and Richmond Hill, then the winner of Group I will be decided based on net run-rate.
The winner of Group I will take on the winner of Group II next Saturday, September 30 at Idlewild Park.

Enmore with a 0-0 record plays all of its games this weekend, facing 0-2 Unified Ambassadors at Baisley Pond Park today. Tomorrow, they come up against 1-1 Golden Arrow at Idlewild Park at 11:00 am and then tackle 2-0 Empire at the same venue at 3:00 pm. Unfortunately; Enmore would need to win all of its games to qualify for the semi-finals next Sunday.

This group sees 1-0 Everest tackling 1-1 East Bank at Lido Beach @ 11:00 am and then 2-0 Atlantis at the same venue @ 3:00 pm.
This group is a bit talent-congested despite the 2-0 start by Atlantis. However, should Atlantis defeat Everest/ACS, Atlantis would automatically secure a finals berth and await the outcome of the Group I vs. II semi-final contest. The same scenario outlined above in Group I will apply should the teams be tied with an equal amount of wins.
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