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EACA Receives Prize Money for 20/20 Tournament
Business Community’s Support For Cricket Vitally Important

By John L. Aaron

Despite the United States of America being one of the wealthiest nations in the world, the promotion and development of the game will be dependent on the contributions of the grass roots business community.

The game cannot succeed and rise to its next levels without the support of those who closely identify with its cultural ties to the community. When such grass roots support has enabled the game to become more attractive to mainstream business America, then and only then, would the much-anticipated corporate funding for its development be realized.

Those business entities which recognize that the game of cricket promotes team spirit and builds character in those who play it, especially at a younger age, are not only making a contribution to the game of cricket, but a contribution to the development of character and body. Thus, the support of the business community is vitally important to the promotion and development of the game, especially within the communities where the sport has such a strong foothold in the culture of its people.

The Eastern American Cricket Association recently received a handsome check from Queens businessman Jack C. Bharat of AmeriSource Funding and well-known Attorney-at-Law Al Akbar of Al Akbar & Associates, to help offset some of the expenses and prize money of its recently introduced Twenty/20 cricket tournament.

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