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USACA Faces Another ICC Ban

By Orin Davidson

United States cricket was hit by a bombshell warning by the International Cricket Council (ICC) which if not heeded could set the sport back further than its darkest period in 2005/06.

Responding to a request by the national ruling body for the extension of the executive elections due this year, the world ruling body (ICC) rejected it, and demanded they be held by December 31 or face penalties that include suspension of national teams from international competition.

United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) treasurer Selwyn Caesar told Cricket International he received the ICC e-mail two days ago and the body is to meet shortly to ponder the new development.

USACA had wanted time to ratify its proposed new constitution which requires the approval of 623 affiliated clubs, before holding the long delayed elections originally due last year.

Caesar said because of the extreme logistics involved, it would be impossible to reach out to all the clubs spread over nine regions of the country from California to New York before the end of the year.

“Therefore we sought an extension of the elections date but the ICC disagreed,” he stated.

The U.S. national senior team only resumed ICC competitions this year after a one –year ban over in-fighting among two factions for control of USACA.

The ICC also cancelled its assistance program Project USA prior to the ban because of issues it had with USACA’s handling by its executives. It also cut off all funding.

In this new development, USACA runs the risk of an even more sever ban unless they abandon all plans for the new constitution until after the elections prior to December 31 this year.

The ICC threat came only days after the USCA executive acquired the services of a Scotland based marketing and administration group.

At an executive and Board meeting last weekend in Florida, the group Centrex made a presentation which impressed USACA who are happy for assistance to streamline its financial and administrative affairs.

According to Caesar, Centrex will seek sponsorship for the cash strapped association and advise on USACA on strengthening its management structure.

In return for all sponsorship acquired the company will be paid a percentage.

Caesar said Centrex was represented by two officials Archie Patton and Mervyn Tropler who said the company has a similar sponsorship deal with the West Indies Cricket Board and Manchester City soccer club of England.

The treasurer added that the group will start working within three weeks after approval from USACA’s Board of Directors.

Meanwhile the U.S. national team has been relegated to the ICC’s Division Three category and will have to contest an eight team competition for qualification to play the next World Cup qualifying competition.

Because of its low placing in the last World Cup qualifying series last year, the U.S. has dropped to the levels occupied by Italy, Uganda, Papa New Guinea, Hong Kong, Tanzania Fiji and the Cayman Islands to contest the Div 3 competition set for May next year in Los Angeles, California.

The two top teams will advance to Division Two which along with all Division One countries are eligible for the 2011 World Cup qualifying series.
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