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Officials Promise Best World Cup Ever

By Orin Davidson

Officials are promising the best World Cup ever when the West Indies hosts cricket’s biggest cricket competition next year.

Led by an effervescent Chris Dehring and a pumped up Wes Hall, New Yorkers were given a compelling presentation on the event’s grand plans when the organizing committee invaded the Big Apple on the first stop of a promotional tour.

Dehring, Cricket World Cup committee’s Chief Executive Officer said the beauty of the islands and Guyana, the culture and brand new facilities will make the event an extravaganza unheard of in enjoyment and quality of play from March 11 to April 27.

He pointed out it will be a tremendous challenge to top South Africa hosting of the last World Cup in 2003, but he is confident West Indians have the energy and willpower to make 2007 the best ever.

“South Africa took the World Cup to a different level by transforming it into a genuine global extravaganza,” he said comparing the 2003 event with the Olympics and World Cup soccer.

“We have been mandated to go even better and as a result the territories are bonding together like never before in taking on this challenge to live up to all expectations,” stated the CEO. “ The 1999 World Cup in England was just another cricket competition but South Africa made it into a huge sports event with a spectacular opening ceremony never done before. And it is now our turn to make it even better,” Dehring explained.

Added Hall “I have been to all the World Cups and after the games are finished, there is nothing to do, but we will have activities from 6 pm until 6am if you like, in all of the territories.

The former West Indies fast bowler said the money spent in the night host countries will justify a long lasting legacy for the Region. “This will be a World Cup to remember, moreso by the foreign people who think we are only capable of playing cricket, drinking rum and singing calypso.”

Aided by the use of pictorial demonstration, Dehring updated the audience comprising a few journalists, more special invitees and business partners, on the construction of the eight new stadia and the others completed and refurbished.

He made special reference to the facilities being built in Grenada now boasting a new look after being destroyed by hurricane two years ago and in Guyana which is considered the most economically challenged of the nine host nations.

“Guyana has made a special effort to show everyone what they are capable of despite their problems and have been ahead of all others in stadium construction,” stated the Jamaica-born Dehring.

Of special gratification to the CEO has been the cooperation of the 14 territorial governments. He referred to the soccer’s world ruling body FIFA which found it so challenged, they promised never to stage another World Cup in two countries.

But Dehring boasts his company is dealing with nine countries who have all responded splendidly to the challenge.

He pointed out that the Single Domestic Space agreement which amounts to laws being amended to accommodate World Cup requirements and easy movement of the thousands of expected visiting fans, is unprecedented in world sports.

The Sunset Legislation which highlights playing conditions, have already been passed in Barbados and St Kitts.

Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia, Grenada, Antigua and St Vincent are the other host countries.

So far the CWC committee has more than 200 permanent employees, but according to Dehring , in reality there are about 3000 in total when you taken into account all the stadia construction workers.

“Never before would you find the Chinese and Taiwanese working on the same project, the World Cup is bringing everyone together,” he reminded.
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