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U.S. Cricket Cannot Help Crying Over Spilt Milk

By Orin Davidson
As teams go into high gear in preparation for next year’s World Cup, one is forced to once again lament on the benefits the United States team is missing out on.

Countries like Canada, Bermuda, Scotland and the Netherlands are enjoying the fruits of the 2 million dollars plus investment the International Cricket Council (ICC) has injected into the associate member nations’ games preparation requirements.

Canada has so far competed in more than three series at home and abroad this year, so has Bermuda, the latest being a one-sided contest with Kenya.

It is exposure of the type so valuable, one can only dream about the benefits it would’ve brought the United States players.

With such grounding it is hair raising to imagine the type of improvement the likes of Rashard Marshall, Imran Iwan, Sushil Nadkarni, Chintal Patel, Akeem and Orlando Baker would attain.

There are others like Hemant Poonoo and Dunae Nathaniel who the selectors have so far overlooked from national squads, but who fully deserve a look in, especially the former who happens to the most recent national Under-19 team captain.

They are deserving of all the exposure possible at this stage of their careers and could become gems in short time.

Only if we had qualified from the World Cup qualifiers last year in Ireland, things would’ve been rosier now than the setting sun in October.

It seems unfathomable that the United States fraternity is still ruing the setbacks from failure at a competition close to 18 months in the past.

Placing in the top five in Ireland meant so much to the future development of this country’s cricket, it now appears we were ultra complacent in going there with a team packed with creaking joints and worn muscles.

Nevertheless, our administrators have learnt their lessons fast as the intensive efforts at change have produced changes that are evident for all to see.

The team is now shorn of the aging social stars and is now a well balanced outfit of youth and experience that almost ran hot favorites Bermuda out of the Americas Cup last July.

The effort to boost finances by the national ruling body’s collaboration with international marketing group Centrex is another example of their intention to do the right thing.

Maybe they needed a wake-up call to be jolted into such strong action.

Hopefully this trend is maintained forever in the future.

Akhil Khan’s Good Deeds
Former Cricket International Junior Youth Development Program member Akhil Khan has come a long way since he was introduced to its training three years ago.

Apart from making himself a permanent member of the New York senior team, he is also well on the road to fulfilling his dream of becoming a doctor.

By this time next year, the youngster should be well ensconced in medical school after completing his Bachelors of Science degree from St John’s University next month.

After emigrating to the United States six years ago, it is not surprising he has accomplished so much.

Khan happens to have all the qualities necessary.

No young player can be more disciplined, respectable, well mannered and warm as the youngster from India.

That’s why he deserves all the kudos for making a name for himself on and off the field.

His peers in and out of the junior ranks will do well to take serious note.
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