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Good Tidings Emerge From 2006 Regional Finals

By Orin Davidson

The national senior Regional cricket series has come and gone and while New York is still nursing its wounds, the fifth staging of the competition brought with it good tidings for the future development of the sport here.

From a playing perspective the depth of United States cricket was proven to be far from hollow.

New Jersey (Atlantic Region) emerged as a future powerhouse and seems set to rival or even dethrone New York as the hotbed of America’s talent.

In landing their first ever hold on the national crown, our neighbors were emphatic in winning all three games with a great deal of ease. They proved that their defeat of New York en-route to winning the Eastern Conference title was no fluke and left many followers here taking serious stock of our status as leaders at all levels.

New Jersey’s strength is obvious in both batting and bowling and their success is a reflection of the meticulous management of the sport there under the stewardship of Regional Director Shelton Glasgow.

Proper handling of the players seems to be the key to their success, highlighted by a healthy relationship between them and the officials.

The fact that at least two key players in the squad live in New York is proof of the strong bond existing between the two parties.

Rashard Marshall and Clain Williams both live in the Big Apple and it is certain, are proud New Yorkers. Although they play for clubs in the Garden State, it seems nothing would persuade them to play for their Region of abode.

And this situation is not isolated to the senior team as at last one leading junior from New Jersey is a New Yorker.

The Garden State played the best cricket and deserves their success on the back of the Under-19 team’s triumph in the first national junior series two years ago.

Texas (Central West), as predicted in these columns did not have enough fire power to support their outstanding opening batsman Sushil Nadkarni. Despite him preserving his runs appetite, the team was only good for the runner-up spot.

Florida as usual, have only themselves to blame for not doing better than third place, simply because they are yet to display enough professionalism in selecting their teams.

Too many good players are being ignored.

On the contrary Southern California is a work in progress and will do much better in the future if attention is continued on the young players being exposed.

If New Jersey’s success was most welcome, the discovery of the Miramar Regional Park where the games were staged was a pleasure to behold.

It seemed the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) stumbled upon a gold mine in using the facility which according to reports, is the newest and best, of all cricket grounds in the country.

Equipped with lights and electronic scoreboard, the Park has all the modern amenities which by far are a big first for any such facility in the entire country, which is without a single internationally accepted ground or stadium.

We understand that the building of turf pitches and pavilion will complete the second phase of the facility.

And we hope that spectator stands will be in place this time next year in phase three.
After such a discovery, no amount of kudos is enough for the Miramar city council which is financing the entire project.
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