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Sunrise CC Share Christmas Spirit In Guyana

Oh! Oh! Oh! As the horse-cart waltzed its way into South Georgetown where Sunrise Cricket Club (SCC) of New York shared Christmas gifts to kids in the area to complete their annual Christmas visit to Guyana.

They had reached out to other needed children at the Georgetown Corporation Hospital and Best Regional Hospital as well. President of SCC Sunildat Ballie and Vice President Sohan Bheer were the two men who cheered the entire two-day hectic proceeding.

SCC is not only part-taking in cricket but with giving gifts to kids is a huge justification of their charitable work since its establishment in 1989, founded by Ballie off the field.

On Friday 15, ten days before the Christmas holiday, Ballie and Bheer gleefully walked into the Paediatric Ward in the upper section on the Eastern Side of the Hospital, and began their main purpose by handing out the Christmas gifts to the small children ranging from 12 years to three months old.

Approximately 83 children flooded the ward with various illnesses and were happy to be treated on this special occasion. Both Ballie and Bheer were clogged into the Santa Claus cloths where the children were hugged, kissed and plenty of hand shakes.

The nurses were very impressed with the moment shared by Ballie and Bheer and implored they should continue to show the children love and happiness at this time of the year regularly.

Jennifer Nelson, a surgeon Physician of the public institution, told SCC that she and her colleagues were very please to see people from the ‘North Cool’ have recognised the much-needed assistance for the kids where they felt a sense of satisfaction.

“Me and my work-mates are very happy to see these two guys (Ballie and Bheer) have travelled from that distance and journeyed to Guyana to share gifts to the children in the hospital while at this point of time I must, on behalf, my fellow colleagues like to express our gratitude to SCC for their gifts for their children while we looking forward for their continued sojourn at Georgetown hospital again,” the smiling Nelson revealed.

When Ballie and Bheer resumed their duty on Saturday 16, the duo headed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where they were met by several children in the Ward but as news spread rapidly that Santa Claus were in the compound people began to pour in the Ward and they were also treated with gifts for their children and grand children.

SCC recently toured Guyana for a number cricket matches included the game against arch-rivals Everest who have held the coveted American’s cup or the past five years. During that time a programme was originated by Orin Bailey’s foundation for kids who received cricket gears.

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