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Assasins, Countryboys Lead Softball Awards Presentation

By Orin Davidson
Assassins will lead the prize winners this evening (Saturday December 16) when the New York Softball Cricket Association stages its annual presentation function at Mangoville Restaurant and Bar in Queens.

By dominating the prestigious Division 1A class, Assassins completed their best ever season in the NYSCA’s number one classification.

They made a clean sweep of the division’s three competitions, carting off the Truck and Trailer 20 overs Mini World Cup, the Sheriff Jewelry 30 overs and PK Realty 25 overs titles.

It is the first time in four years any team completed the hat-trick of titles, since Untouchables pulled off the feat in 2002.

Their accomplishments were made even more special because of the migration of the three strongest teams from the West Indian Softball Association (WISA) to the NYSCA this year.

Assassins, one of WISA’s lading clubs, United Stars and Better Hope made the transition to NYSAC.

Significantly Assassins defeated last year’s top NYSACA club East Coast and also toppled last year’s WISA champions United Stars and outplayed Better Hope en-route to dominating Division 1A.

Led by magnificent performances by star all-rounder Kris Shobai and astute leadership from captain Eon Ellis, Assassins made themselves the toast of the NYSCA’s 2006 season.

Countryboys, captained by Aubrey Towler also produced a memorable season by pulling off another hat trick, albeit in three divisions, ranging from the lowest in 11B and climbing to the tougher competitions in 11A and 1B.

Team Manager/player Garfield Towler won the MVP in Division 2A and Y. Giddins who claimed a rare hat trick in Division 2A spearheaded Countryboys’ success story.

Other outstanding individual performances were also recorded by Parsaram Ramkissoon in Division 1b and 11A and A. Shazman in Division 11.

The presentation function promises to be as big an eventful as per normal and president of the Association Eric Ferrier has extended special thanks to all the sponsors including the major ones, PK Realty, Sheriff Jewelry and Truck and Trailer.

Forty one clubs competed in competitions this year and the turn-out is expected to be massive.

At stake will be the biggest of all the individual prizes for the Cricketer of the Year, along with Most Valuable Player (MVP) in Divisions 1 and 2.

The action will start at 8 pm and a sumptuous buffet dinner will be served. Music will be provided by Renton’s Back to Basics Sound System. Tickets will be available at the door.
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