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New York Cricket Region
Under-19 Squad Taking Shape

By John L. Aaron
Yesterday, twenty-two players were named to report for trials and training on Monday, August 7, 2006 at 5:30 PM at Gateway National Park, Brooklyn. It is expected that a squad of 14 players will be selected from the group to represent the New York region at the United States of America Cricket Association’s National Under-19 championships later this year. A venue for staging the championships is still under consideration by USACA.

The tournament will see representative teams from the New York, Atlantic, Northern and Southern California Regions compete for the title of National Under-19 champs.
The New York Regional team to be coached by Linden Fraser and managed by Rudy Persaud, will be selected from the following 22 players identified and asked to be present at Gateway park at 5:30 pm this Monday.

Karan Ganesh, David Umadhan, Anand Singh, Surendra Sukhdeo, Akeem Dodson, Roopchand Seebarran, Francis Mendonza, Andre Kirton, Jerein Thomas, Gregory Sewdial, Dwayne Smith, Basdeo Ramnarain, Dominic Audain, Hunain Munir, Kumar Hanoman Ramsabad, Saud Hossein, Dwayne Hurley, Azurdeen Mohammed, Nicholas Ramcharran, Mahendra Hariraj, Ahmad Dodson, Syed Abdullah.

For additional information, contact Coach Fraser at (646) 235-3243

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