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PSAL Cricket Final
Newcomer To Battle John Adams

By Sam Sooppersaud
June 11th, 2009
In Track and Field jargon they would say that the bell has rung and the runners are on their last lap. They are now coming around the corner scampering for the finishing line and the ribbon. Well folks, if you have been following PSAL High School cricket all along this is exactly what the situation is at this moment. The two contenders for the coveted PSAL championship have been decided and are eagerly awaiting their day with destiny - the day the championship game will be played- Sunday, June 14, at Seaview Park, 80th Street and Seaview Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Gametime is at 1:00.P.M. It is, in a way, the repeat of the 2008 championship in which the same two teams clashed. Newcomers came out on top in that contest. John Adams would be more that happy to equal the score.

Last year winners Newcomers (top) will clash with John Adams (bottom) again in the PSAL cricket tournament on June 14th.
(Photo by Shiek Mohamed)

It has been a long season with rain forcing numerous game cancellations. Both teams have worked hard, driven by their respective coaches. They have spent long hours in practice sessions and physical training regiments. I am quite sure that both coaches have prepared a glossary of do's and don't's on the opposing players and have spent valuable time discussing these. They have sort of "ironed out the rough edges" and are now ready to do battle with each other. It was predicted by numerous fans and players alike, even before the playoffs started, that these two powerhouse of New York High School cricket will eventually meet in the Finals. That prediction has come true. The stage is set for an exciting game of Twenty/20 cricket.

The two Semifinals were played on Wednesday, June 10, at Baisley Park North and at Baisley Park South. A fairly good crowd was on hand to watch both matches. There was a buzz in the air as to what should be expected when Newcomers and Adams meet. Rather talking about the games that they were watching, spectators were already whetting their apetites for a Newcomers/Adams clash. Folks, your wish has come true. Come out and enjoy a day of fun at the park. Pack your picnic basket. Bring the family, your music, your favorite beverages. Bring your lawn chairs. PSAL wants you to be comfortable. They want you to , just lay back. Adams and Newcomers will provide the excitement.

I know that at this moment Commissioner Bassett Thompson, along with staff members Ricky Kissoon, Lorna Austin, and the entire PSAL cricket desk , are beaming with pride and satisfaction. They have worked ardously to ensure that the season would be nearly flawless. They have surely succeeded and many kudos go out to them. Many a times Bassett and Ricky could be seen lugging cricket mattings around the various parks. They made sure that they are at the games to see that everything is done well. On Sunday, June 14th, these folks can sit back and see the "fruits of their labor ripen and are enjoyed".

In the Semi Finals Newcomers were pitted against Aviation High School. I am the coach of Newcomers and I must confess that prior to the game I was a bit concerned because the Aviation squad was playing some exciting cricket. They were the #13 seed at the end of the preliminary rounds, but fully deserved to be among the higher seeded teams because brand of play and committment. My newly-made friend and colleague Coach Wesley Henry did a tremendous job with his youngsters molding them into a cohesive and fighting cricket unit.
Newcomers outplayed Aviation in this game, and secured its berth in the Finals.

In the other semi Finals John Adams defeated William C. Bryant High School in a closely contested game. Fortunes in that game visited with both teams at different times, but at the end remained in Adams' camp. Adams batted first and at one stage was 47 runs for the loss of 7 wickets. Bryant was riding high at this stage. However, the remainign three wickets were able to pull things together and muster a score of 102 runs. Towards the end of the Bryant innings it seems certain that they would surpass their target. Batting in the eighteenth over Bryant needed six runs for victory with three wickets still in hand. They had 14 balls to score 6 runs with two men in the wicket and two men still awaiting their turn at bat. All the ingredients were their for a sweet victory. But what did Bryant do! They let the horse out the gates! For some unexplained reasons the remaining batsmen find it necessary to swing at balls wildly rather that rotate the singles. Two batsmen were bowled while having a wild heave and the tenth wicket via the run out route. Bryant lossed the game by three runs. They threw away a golden opportunity.

Now with all that have been said, and heard, and done, and read about, and talked about, if you fail to come out and watch the PSAL cricket finals, then you have no claim to call yourselves cricket fans. Seriously, guys and gals, come on out and have a great time!.

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